Energy Incubations Centers

ENERGY stands for Energy (Entrepreneurship Nurturing Enterprise Resourcing for Graduate and Youth) Incubation Center.

It is an initiative by UPES aimed at providing aspiring entrepreneurs with opportunities to convert their business ideas into reality. This is done by facilitating start-up businesses with mentoring, infrastructure support, networking opportunities, and financial support. UPES has collaborations with prominent entrepreneurs, professionals, and academicians who contribute to this initiative through mentorship, guidance, and also networking.


ENERGY Activities

Incubation and Seed-funding of Innovative Start-ups

The university helps innovative start-ups with incubation services like Networking Activities, Marketing Help, Training for Developing Presentation Skills, Links to Strategic Partners, Expert Advice, Broad Business Training Programs, and more.

Research on Industry Trends

The Start-ups require a lot of understanding in terms of the industry growth pattern, competitors, problems, challenges, and other useful information. There for the university supports the young entrepreneurs by providing research based analytical insights.

Sharing Knowledge through Conferences

Conferences are held for young entrepreneurs in order to share knowledge on industry trends and innovation on the whole.



  • Developing a conducive environment where start-ups entrepreneurship activities can commence
  • Facilitating creation of successful companies by helping budding entrepreneurs by providing resources
  • Providing excellent mentoring services to start-ups
  • Providing professional business environment to start-ups for operating business
  • Utilization of R&D infrastructure to create innovation based start-ups companies
  • Assistance in commercialization of intellectual property
  • Consultancy in business planning, market research, and corporate development
  • Providing financial assistance for setting up business
  • Contributing towards the growth of technology and business sectors in the country by generating new opportunities to setup businesses, mainly in the area of renewable energy, and green technology
  • Developing strong alliances with regional business and technology communities through incubation programs

Incubation Model

ENERGY believes in providing a platform to enthusiastic, zealous, and aspiring entrepreneurs and in bringing a positive change in the industry with launch of new and promising businesses. We encourage talent and innovative thinking and provide opportunities to the potential change makers of the industry, thereby contributing towards bringing a positive change.

ENERGY supports technology start-ups as well as lab-stage innovations and paves the path for potential business ideas reach the market.



The workshops developed by the centre are framed around businesses and involve academic researchers and professionals from the industry. The workshops are organized to provide a basic understanding of what it takes to commercialize and gain various types of business knowledge. Supported by the faculty of UPES and industry experts, these workshops cover a wide variety of topics viz. industry analysis, technical feasibility study, market feasibility, demand forecasting, financial feasibility study, and strategy development. The theoretical knowledge is enhanced by the industry experts and entrepreneurs who also share their personal experiences with the candidates.


Our Initiatives/ University’s Prospects


Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd. founded in March 2007 is a 360o Carbon Solution Provider having expertise in generation, registration and trading of Certified as well as Verified Emission Reductions (CERs and VERs), better known as Carbon Credits. Alongside, Gensol has spread its area of expertise from providing consultancy for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to financial advisory services for the setup and expansion of client infrastructure, thus providing them with a complete package to grow and benefit from our expertise and assistance. Having an early entry advantage along with a creative and dedicated team, Gensol Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is built on one of the most innovative, client friendly, and revenue boosting models. Consequently, the company boasts of handling numerous projects across the length and breadth of the country with over 10 million Emission Reductions in the first commitment period already under its wing.

Ranco Energy

Ranco Energy & Projects Private Limited (RANCO) is an energy company registered and based in Mumbai, India. It is a start-up with a difference. The company intend to pick up risk in the upstream E&P, in alliance with a competent operator, coupled with safety of assured returns in energy services sectors like Energy Knowledge & Research, Marketing & Product development, Technical Support, Supplies and Project Management for integrated energy companies, Fuel Trading and Fuel Management for clients, Renewable Energy & Bio-fuels and Executive search for junior, middle and senior level oil & gas professionals to meet the needs of the hydrocarbon industry in India.

Ranco represents an Indo-European group, TATA BP Solar India, engaged in designing and commissioning of solar systems in India.


Acroon Consultancy Pvt Ltd.

Acroon Consultancy is a leading Service Provider of Data Processing Services, Computer Software, and Call Centers. An established company supplying its clients with market research & business research services, marketing and sales support, database services, IT application development, and consulting services across major industries.


Kraftloom Overseas

Kraftloom Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has been formed with an objective of bringing forth specialized Indian Handicraft and Handloom products to the global village. Under our brand name “Kriti” which means creation, we are showcasing the best of Indian Rural Craft. This is a perfect picture of a blend of tradition and modern culture and innovation.

Kraftloom Overseas Pvt. Ltd., with a team of professionals is providing platform to local craftsmen and artisans to promote their art in the international market and facilitate marketing support to producers through promoting their crafts in various national as well as international trade exhibitions.


How Energy Helps

Inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset, develop knowledge & skills

  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinking, not constrained by resources
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to venture creation

So you can be

  • Future entrepreneurs
  • Highly sought after successful entrepreneurial employees


Institutional support

  • Faculty
  • Student


  • Access to our Mentors
  • Access to Services
  • Access to UPES Academic Experts

Individual Support

  • Emerging Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Start-ups


  • Entrepreneurship knowledge & skill building programs
  • Expert advice and coaching on your idea/ plan
  • Networking opportunities with entrepreneurial community
  • Practical knowledge and info related to venture creation
  • Entrepreneurship events and activities in your city

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