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Founder President's Message

Mr. Sanjay Kaul

While envisioning the University the well-established anchor points were duly adhered to viz. of shaping of Citizenship character, values driven knowledge acquisition, universality of fundamentals and establishing a futuristic ecosystem for learning.

However while encompassing the traditional threads some tangible outcomes were also woven with the fundamentals.
♦ Employability and deployability through industry orientated programs and specialisations.
♦ Significant portion of application based learning along with teaching of fundamentals.
♦A futuristic ecosystem where teaching pedagogy and academic progression is through digital technology, convergence based subject matter expertise, mobile, dynamic & networked work environments.
♦Opportunities to develop entrepreneurial initiatives, leadership, self-learning and teamwork skills and inculcation of corporate social responsibility with global outlook.

Within a decade of the University’s establishment, the 8000 plus Alumni working in over 500 established Companies with several alumni growing their own business and continuously growing stature of the institution at all industry and academic platforms is a testimony that the texture of foundation developed is standing the test of time.

With newer national and International alliances now powering the growth of the Institution, we expect UPES to be the thought and Academic Leader as the ‘Nation Builders University ‘ of 21st Century India in the coming decade.


Sanjay Kaul
Founder President and Chairman Advisory Committee, Hydrocarbon Education & Research Society

Last Updated : 9/19/2016 4:27:17 PM