There are 100+ laboratories at UPES for domain specific practical learning as well as research and development activities. These include 7 innovative outdoor labs for sector centric learning and practice.

The labs cater to pure sciences, engineering, advanced engineering as well as sector specific requirements.The university provides modern infrastructural & instructional facilities to the students and faculty to create a modern learning environment.  As new courses keep on adding to the list of program offerings, the infrastructure is also upgraded and new labs are added to accommodate the learning requirements. 

These labs are equipped with world class equipment and facilities based on the latest technology pertaining to different sectors. The students and faculty push the boundaries of possibilities at these world class labs, and there is always a constant buzz in this part of the campus where new knowledge is created. As a nation building university, it is a regular practice at UPES to initiate regular research activities by students and faculty from different domains and fulfill the demands of the industry.

In these labs students carry out practical learning sessions, while few labs are utilized for Research and Development activities, directed towards acquiring excellence in high growth core sectors. The laboratories are managed by specially trained technicians, well versed in handling specialized instruments and machines like melting point measurement apparatus, polar meters, spectrophotometer, digital balances, etc.

Laboratories at UPES

Department Labs  


Aircraft Structures Lab
Aerospace Propulsion
Aero Modeling & Fabrication
Aircraft Systems & Maintenance

Mechanical Engg.

Automotive Chassis Lab 
Automotive Electrical & Electronics
Engine Trouble Shooting Lab
Engine Testing & Emission Measurement
Carpantering Shop 
Fitting Shop
Machining Shop
Welding Shop
Fluid Mechanics 
Material Testing
Manufacturing & Metrology
Thermal Lab
Bosch Automation training center
Material Science Lab 

Civil Engineering

Concrete Testing Lab 
Transportation Engg. Lab
Soil Mechanics 
Advanced Fluid Mechanics Lab

HSE Engg.

Health, Safety & Environment 
Fire Safety 
Fire Fighting 

Chemical Engineering 

Mass Transfer and Reaction Engg.  
Petroleum Product Testing
Heat Transfer
Particulate Technology Lab
Instrumentation and Control 

Electrical Engineering & Electronics + Avionics

Basic Electronics Lab 
Digital Electronics Lab
Analog Electronics Lab
Linear Integrated Circuit Lab
Microprocessor & Microcontroller  and Advance micro processor Lab  & Embedded System lab 
DSP Lab  
Microwave and Antenna Lab
VLSI Lab   
Electronic Workshop
Robotics Lab 
Instrumentation & Control Lab
Electronics Communication Lab
Instrumentation and sensors  Lab 
Basic Electrical Lab
Network/Circuit Theory  
Control Engg Lab  
Eletrical and Electronics Measurement Lab 
Power Electronics & Electric drives Lab    
Electrical Machines Lab 
Power System Protection & Switch Gear Lab 
Energy Lab

Basic Sciences 

Physics Lab I 
Physics Lab - II  
Physics Lab - III
Nano Technology lab
Chemistry - I
Chemistry -II 

Earth Sciences Engineering 

Drilling Fluid Lab  
Production and Reservoir Engg


Programming Lab 1
Programming Lab 2
Mainframe Lab
Informatics Lab
Systems Lab
Domain Specified S/W Lab

Professional Communication 

Studio - I
Studio - II

R&D Labs

Bio Diesel Lab
Bio Diesel Engine Lab
Catalyst Prepartion Lab
Catalyst Characterization Lab
Catalyst Development Lab
Engine Research Lab
Emission & Combustion Lab 
Nano Technology Lab
Sophisticated Instuments Lab 

Nano Labs

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Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) system
Muffle Furnace 1200C
Microwave Ageing Oven
Tubular Furnace
Spin Coater
Digital pH meter and Micropipette
Water purification system
Ultrasonic Probe Sonicator
Particle size Analyzer
Optical Table
Atomic Force Microscope
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Photoluminescence Spectrophotometer
Facilities for sol gel method
Ultrasonic Interferometer
Surface area analyser
Atomic absorption spectroscopy



Bosch Lab

Bosch Centre of Excellence for Training and Research in Automation Technology

Bosch Centre of Excellence for Training and Research in Automation Technology Centre is collaboration between UPES and Bosch-Rexroth to promote active industry-educational partnership in knowledge transfer, Research and Development in the field of Automation Technologies. Mr. K. S. Jamestin, Director-HR, ONGC inaugurated the UPES-Bosch Centre of Excellence for Training and Research in Automation Technology on January 26th, 2014. The goal of the Centre is to improve the technical competence, employability and entrepreneurship of Under Graduate and Post Graduate students as well as industry professionals to meet industrial requirements. The courses like Applied Petroleum Engineering, Geo-Science Engineering, Geo-Informatics Engineering, Mechatronics, Electronics, etc. will get benefit from this Centre.

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