Welcome to UPES

Thank you for considering UPES for your future studies.
UPES envisions itself as an institution of global standing, which fosters development of professionally-competent talent and contributes to nation-building.

The university offers a wide choice of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. I am sure that you will find a course here that meets your expectations and helps you prepare for the future.
UPES acquaints you with knowledge in your chosen fields. Besides providing you an unmatched theoretical experience, our programs also assist you in gaining hands-on learning experience through practical training and tutorials.

At UPES, we believe in the holistic and inclusive development of young minds. I am sure that you will value the time that you spend on our campus.

I am confident that you will be a valuable addition to the UPES community of rising stars. The UPES family looks forward to welcoming you on board.

Dr. S. J. Chopra

Chancellor, UPES

Welcome to UPES

Welcome to UPES - a university whose top priority is to help students fulfil their aspirations and dreams. We work in tandem with students to design customized educational plans that meet their individual goals. Among other things, we offer our students a personalized learning environment with a great deal of flexibility and continuous mentoring. Moreover, we integrate technical knowledge with strong ethics and leadership skills to churn out the best.

Educators have always played an instrumental role in the development and advancement of society and humankind. Despite their contribution, our world continues to face several challenges related to security, environment, energy, and health. We believe that educators create a significant impact on overcoming these challenges and eventually improving the quality of life through their problem-solving abilities, research, and innovation. We are living in a period of rapid change with expanding skills and expertise in several fields across the globe. The present day presents unique opportunities to produce leaders in various disciplines, who not only advance the knowledge of specific professions but who are also sensitive to protecting the environment and wealth of natural resources and maintaining equity. At UPES, we are committed to moulding world-class leaders who make a difference to society.

Our vision is to be recognized for high-quality academic programmes and research through industry-relevant programmes, excellence of our motivated faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities that we provide students. Our academic programmes prepare students better to face new challenges through stronger ethics and entrepreneurship components. We are committed to giving our students an environment, in which they develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

At UPES, students are guided and motivated to practically implement the principles learnt in classrooms through experimentation in laboratories, making them confident and skilled professionals. As we strive to be at the forefront of education, we collaborate with and maintain excellent relationship with industries and leading research centres for joint projects, trainings, and internships. This gives our students an edge, which reflects fully in our high placement records year after year.

At UPES, ‘students’ have always been our focus. We are a trustworthy destination for students aspiring for an innovative career. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and are committed to making a positive impact to the communities we serve. UPES is more than just a university – it has become a movement that transforms the lives of youngsters. While in the initial years this transformation took place through Petroleum and Energy domain courses, over the years, we have added Infrastructure, Transportation, IT, Design, Planning and Policy, Management, and Law. In the true sense, UPES is the nation-builders’ university.

Our programs provide students with excellent opportunities to work closely with faculty members, who are handpicked from premier universities of the world. This enhances the quality of education and the prospect of getting individual attention. We have a team of dedicated scholars as members of faculty and experts from the industry as advisors, who create an exciting and friendly environment conducive for learning. We follow an outcome-based education system.

Whether you are a student, parent, or a curious individual, we invite you to visit our campus to witness the state-of-the-art facilities and excellent teaching-learning atmosphere we are offering. Our enthusiasm knows no bounds and our dedication to take education to new heights is indeed strong.

Here at UPES, we inspire dreams, ignite curiosity, motivate actions, and define the vision for tomorrow. I am happy that you are considering UPES for your studies and I look forward to helping you take this exciting step in your life.

Dr Deependra Kumar Jha

Vice Chancellor, UPES

Welcome to the world of UPES.

As our growth journey continues we are committed to create a leading multi-disciplinary institution of global repute and it is indeed a privilege to be a part of this fascinating journey.

Currently, we offer a diverse bouquet of under-graduate and post-graduate programs in the fields of engineering, computer science, business, law and design. We also continue to explore other emerging disciplines such as allied health sciences etc.

As a University we are driven by the purpose of outstanding outcomes and therefore, students and academic excellence is at the core of everything that we do. We re-affirm our commitment to help shape young minds who would not just be career-ready but also life-ready as versatile and well-rounded holistic individuals.

At the forefront of academic excellence are our 600+ faculty members who are not just teachers and subject matter experts, but also mentors to our students. We understand that research plays an important role in elevating academic benchmarks and hence, there is a strong focus on creating the right environment for research and innovation at the campus.

UPES is not just an entity in isolation but an integral part of the very fabric of our society. We are extremely passionate about making a meaningful impact to the communities and people around us and transforming their lives for the better.

The picturesque twin campuses in Dehradun not just boast of great infrastructure, multimedia enabled classrooms, modern research labs but also recreation centres, food courts, hostels and other facilities with a view to provide a holistic experience to all our students. UPES also provides them a clear competitive advantage through numerous industry partnerships that transforms them into employable, agile, future-ready industry professionals.

We are committed to exploring newer opportunities and endless possibilities for all our stakeholders that would truly make our credo- ‘University with a Purpose’ come alive. .

With best wishes,

Subhrangshu Neogi

Chief Commercial Officer, UPES



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