Mr. Sunil Bajad

Dr. Sunil Bajad

Dr. Sunil Bajad is Senior Director and Head Analytical Development at Bayer, USA. He is Biologics Development leader with a track record of supporting CMC analytical development of multiple modalities including rAAV based gene therapy. He has experience in leading and managing large global analytical chemistry teams supporting all phases of drug discovery and development, including late stage development. Development, validation and global transfer of analytical methods for rAAV based gene therapy, mAbs and ADCs. Oversight of release and stability testing at global CMOs/CROs. Global regulatory submission of IND/IMPDs/BLAs. Characterization of bio-pharmaceuticals using a wide range of tools/techniques including mass spectrometry. Experience with metabolomic/proteomic analysis. He obtained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Panjab University Chandigarh and subsequently pursued his postdoc from University of Wisconsin - Madison and Virginia Bioinformatics Institute.