Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Arts)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Arts) program focuses on design studies: critical thinking, project development, community engagement and collaboration. Students will learn to translate concepts into individual expression by using drawing, color, form, space, structure, and composition and by developing a solid understanding of tools and media. Above all, they will learn cultivate the intellectual, conceptual, and critical skills required to successfully launch their careers in today’s highly demanding graphic and communication design industry and emerging new media based interactive design setups, apart from advertising and brand management agencies.

Duration 4 years Career Prospects
  • Illustrator
  • Visualizer
  • Ideator
  • Conceptualist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Concept Artist
  • Art Director/Supervisor
  • Creative Director/Supervisor
  • Brand Planner
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Digital Strategist
  • Digital Designer
  • Interactive Media Designer
  • User Experience (UX) Designer

Semester I

  • Sketching & Drawing- I
  • Elements of Design
  • Colour
  • Geometry I
  • Engineering Graphics
  • Material exploration I

Semester II

  • Sketching & Drawing- II
  • Principles of design
  • Geometry II
  • Material exploration II
  • Visual composition
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Computer applications I

Semester III

  • Digital Media in Social Content
  • Narrative Skills I
  • Introduction to imaging tool & techniques
  • Introduction to game design I
  • Introduction to typography
  • 2D Animation I
  • Desktop Publishing

Semester IV

  • Digital Imaging
  • Narrative Skills II
  • Introduction to 3D Computer Animation
  • Introduction to digital video tools & techniques
  • Introduction to game design II
  • 2D Animation II
  • Brand Communication

Semester V

  • 3D Modelling &Animation I
  • Visual Effects & Motion graphics
  • MEL Scripting for artists
  • Level design in games
  • Digital sound design I
  • Website design I
  • Elements of video production

Semester VI

  • 3D Modelling &Animation II
  • Digital sound design II
  • Type in motion
  • Game production and prototyping
  • Portfolio design
  • Elements of video production II
  • Environment design

Semester VII


  • 3D Modelling, UV Mapping & Texturing
  • Open elective
  • Self-Study
  • Web design II
  • Digital graphic art
  • Game design
  • Project (Elective)

Semester VIII

  • Degree Project

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