Students of UPES Computational Fluid Dynamics rock

UPES Computational Fluid Dynamics students activities under the supervision of Dr Ugven.

  • 3 of our students (2011/2012) who are part of Team Indus won the 1 Million USD Milestone Prize for the Google Lunar X Prize. (the aim is to create a rover robot and send to the moon and perform sampling collection etc on the moon)
  • Simiti Maini and her contribution to the ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission
  • The Star Observation Night concluded at the campus. The bond which was forged between Rose City Astronomers Club and our Club Infinity of UPES (Space Club), strengthened ¬†as sister clubs.
  • 2 MTech CFD students are doing their pure research internship in the biggest Fluid Dynamics Laboratory in Europe in Touluese.
  • MTech CFD students who are attending University of Nantes (Polytech Nantes) have become the toppers of their program (1st, 2nd and 3rd place).

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