What is a Mechanical Engineering Course at UPES?

Mechanical Engineering course is one of the oldest disciplines of engineering. What makes it so attractive is the mix of knowledge involving core concepts of mechanics, computer science and product lifecycle. The Mechanical Engineering Course at UPES is blending of core engineering technical knowledge along with  essentials of leadership in subject matter. UPES Mechanical engineering course prepares students to acquire the technical learning through rigorous academic curriculum created focusing industry requirement as prime focus.

The curriculum includes subjects like design thinking, environmental studies, material science, manufacturing, engineering thermodynamics and so on. The program allows students to choose specialization in later semesters as an optional subject among thermal engineering, machine design, production/industrial design and material science.

The eligibility for UPES Mechanical Engineering course is through both UPES Engineering Aptitude Test and Board Merit / JEE Mains score. The application for the enrolment to the academic session 2017 is open. The university is accepting application for this B Tech programs through online and offline mode. More details about the course and application process can be read on the following link http://www.upes.ac.in/btech-mechanical-engineering 

Renewable Energy: Way to go

While turning young engineering and management graduates into entrepreneurs is often piped as crucial for our country striving for sustainability in our energy needs is also imperative. Aaron  Eipe John, a student of M Tech. (Energy  systems), College of Engineering  Studies,  UPES perhaps aims

to have a shot  at both! Aaron, a mechanical  engineer (B.E.) from Anna
University in the year 2011 is a budding  technocrat who dreams of
making products which run on renewable energy sources.

energy students
Aaron working on Pneumatic Bike

Some of the projects he has worked on include a ‘Fuel efficient kiln’, ‘ Cheap energy efficient passive solar tracking using water’,‘Pneumatic bike designed for petroleum industries’, ‘Mechanical regenerative Braking on a 4-wheeler’, ‘Non degradable hydrocarbon waste to fuel conversion’, “Hydrogen Fuel supplement for diesel engines” etc. Aaron is presently working on designing and fabrication of a project titled “Heat to Refrigeration in Automobiles and Air-­‐conditioners” which involves both CoES and College of Management and Econimics Studies for designing and marketing the technology. Putting such innovative ideas into practice for using renewable energy is what the budding entrepreneurs and technocrat of our country should take a lead from.

Article by Mr. Sunil Barthwal Assistant Professor, College of Management and Economics Studies, UPES


Space Exploration-Indian Perspective

A talk delivered on the topic ‘Space Exploration-Indian Perspective,’ by Mr. Deepak Negi, Scientist in Applied Mathematics Division, Aero Flight Dynamics group, of Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, a launch vehicle development center of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Trivandrum, India has touched various inspiring thoughts among student audience. Aerospace, Avionics, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering students of UPES were enlightened to attend the lecture on ‘Indian Space Program’ which  highlighted on various aspects of Indian launch vehicle evolution, Sounding rockets, Indian space exploration, Inter-planetary missions, Exploration of Moon, Chandrayaan-1, Exploration of Mars, Mars Mission, MOM satellite,  and Mars Orbiter Mission. Such discussions always encourage students to look forward and enter into a new world of concept thinking.

B tech course
Guest Lecture on ‘Space Exploration- Indian Perspective’

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