M.Tech Aerospace Engineering With Specialization In Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have found potential in Aerial Photography, Search and Rescue, Traffic control, Environmental and Wild life Monitoring, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Precision Agriculture, Air Sampling, Firefighting, Power line inspection, Postal delivery and many more applications.

Objective : To develop e Aerospace Engineers having strong interdisciplinary background of Aerospace , Avionics and Aero-modeling . Students will be aware of current and evolving engineering practices for unmanned and autonomous systems.

Scope : Students who will complete this course will have career in the areas of R&D and private sector in vehicle design for Air , on ground or under water applications. Moreover, they will get expertise in obstacle avoidance systems, autonomous control, guidance and control.

What differentiates this course with conventional M.Tech Aerospace course?

In the first Semester of study, students can learn and get a complete knowledge on Aerospace and UAV design. From the second semester, students can learn the specialized papers on UAV along with the basic of systems integration . End of the Second Semester the students will be sent for internship to private and government organizations to work and enrich their knowledge in UAV.


Duration: 2 years



  • Minimum 60% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level(10th & 12th)
  • B. Tech /BE in Chemical/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Civil/ Industrial Safety/ Petroleum Engineering/ Geo Science Engineering/ Fire Safety Engineering/ Electronics/ Geo Informatics with minimum 60% marks

Career Prospects

  • UAV Pilot
  • UAV Designer
  • UAV Systems Engineer
  • UAV Flight Test Engineer
  • UAV Autopilot Programmer
  • UAV Ground control software developer
  • UAV Analyst in Structure, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Avionics, Controls
Intake : 20 Seats
Semester I Semester II


  • Introduction to UAV
  • Introduction to Flight
  • Fundamental of Aerodynamics
  • Introduction to Avionics
  • Airplane Performance and Design
  • Micro-controller & Embedded Systems


  • Aerodynamics Lab
  • Aero-modeling & Design


  • Mathematical Modeling & Simulation
  • Flight Instrumentation & Data Acquisition System
  • Automatic Flight Control
  • Flight Stability & Control
  • Path planning and Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Vehicles
  • Actuators and Sensors for UAV
  • Industrial Visit
  • Seminar -I


  • Flight Control Lab
Semester III Semester IV


  • M.Tech Dissertation I
    (including two seminars)


  • M.Tech Dissertation II
    (including two seminars)

Screening of Application and Interview

Fee structure for the academic year 2017 - 19

1st Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
91,500 30,500 1,22,000
2nd Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
91,500 30,500 1,22,000
3rd Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
100,590 33,535 1,34,125
4th Sem
Tuition Fee Academic Service Fee Total
100,590 33,535 1,34,125


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