15 August, 2020

Call for Papers- UPES Law Review, Flagship Journal of School of Law, UPES|

UPES Law Review is pleased to announce its upcoming Special Issue on “COVID-19: Impact on Law and Policy”. Papers for the same are requested for submission. Information about the Journal, issue and the submission process is detailed below, along with contact details for further queries.

 About the Journal:
UPES Law Review is the leading academic journal emanating and embracing legal scholarship, published by School of Law, UPES, Dehradun. It had its inception in 2013 when it published its first volume and received the ISSN Number: 2347-9620 and RNI number. Its superior reputation is reflected in the excellent quality of the articles published in its previous four editions and this flagship journal is about to enter its fifth publication cycle this year. The Law Review maintains its high standards for publication and also practices the highest level of integrity, transparency and consistency towards creating a landscape to promote qualitative and scholarly research.

About the Issue:

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus has caused disruption across the world. Containment measures, including lockdowns of cities, extensions of public holidays, closures of public services (e.g. courts), cancellation of events, unprecedented “work from home” arrangements, international travel restrictions and quarantine measures are having worldwide impacts. Even as governments all over the world are scrambling to control the coronavirus outbreak, the disaster that this pandemic has brought along with it has impacted the socio-economic viability of all strata of society. The challenge today is to strive towards a higher level of understanding between the central government, state governments, panchayats, corporate sectors, civil societies, and citizens to ramp up the preparedness for mitigating the damage and expanding the cure. Therefore, the theme ‘Covid-19: Impact on Law and Policy’ seeks to broadly analyze and promote discussion on the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic and way forward.

This year's UPES Law Review Special Edition,  on the theme of ‘Covid-19: Impact on Law and Policy’ aims to foster a platform for sharing of knowledge in order to support all actors across the globe with the most up to date knowledge, methodologies and tools to cope with this crisis.

The article/note/research paper by academicians/industry experts/law experts and scholars may focus on any contemporary topic relating to Covid-19: Impact on Law and Policy such as the following:

1. Covid-19: Impact on Global Trade and Investment
2. Covid-19 and its effect on the Course of Globalization
3. Covid-19 and Mental Health
4. Employability Issues in Times of Crisis: Covid:19
5. Covid-19 and Competition Law Concerns
6. Intellectual Property Hazards in times of Covid-19
7. Covid-19: Policy Challenges and Traps in Restarting the Economy
8. Social Impact of Covid-19
9. CSR and Covid- 19
10. Covid- 19 and Impact on Environment
11. Covid 19: Impact on Data Privacy, Protection and Security
12. Covid 19: The Impact and Role of Mass Media During the Pandemic
13. Covid 19 and its Impact on Education System     
14. Covid 19 and International Law

The above sub-themes are only illustrative. UPES Law Review would welcome papers on other topics related to Covid-19: Impact on Law and Policy.


Submission Timelines

  • Last date for abstract submission: 15th June, 2020.
  • Commencement of Acceptance of abstracts: 15th July, 2020
  • Last date for final submission of full paper: 15th August, 2020

Submission Guidelines

Long Articles/Research Papers: 7000 to 10,000 words (inclusive of footnotes)
Short Articles/Short Notes: 4000 to 6000 words (inclusive of footnotes)

All the submissions must consist of an Abstract of not more than 300 words, the main contribution and a declaration of originality. The abstract will not be included in the word limit.

A submission can be co-authored by a maximum of two people. Submissions are invited from academicians, practitioners, industry experts and research scholars.

Authors are requested to send their original, unpublished submissions in .doc/.docx format to upeslawreview@ddn.upes.ac.in