• faculty

    Neeraj Chugh

    M.Sc. (Industrial Instrumentation Design and Maintenance), Kurukshetra University

    M.Tech.(Computer Science and Engineering) Kurukshetra University  

    Ph.D. (Purusing) (CSE), Uttrakhand Technical University, Uttrakhand.



    Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

    Area of Specialization

    Database, Data Warehouse and Data Mining, and Mainframe domain.


    Awards & Achievements

     Research & Publication

    “Knowledge Management a Facilitator for software Process Improvement “published in international Journal of Computer Application (IJCA ). 
    International Conferences
    International Conference/Presented/Detection and Prevention of Outliers in Resource constraint mobile sensor devices. 
    International Conference/Presented/Security Aspects of a RFID -Sensor Integrated low powered devices for Internet-of-Things. 
    International Conference/Presented/Outlier Detection in Streaming Data A research Perspective.
    International Conference/The role of Information Technology in Knowledge Management

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