Training & Certification : To give real life exposure to students & to make them industry ready professionals, short duration industrial tours/training and/or online trainings shall be organized for all students of full time programs, except for Engineering & Law PG students. 

The trainings may lead to certification in all programs except for BBA where it will be a credited course. A charge of Rs. 22,500/- (one time) is to be paid in 5thsemester in case of UG Programs & 2nd semester in case of PG student. In case travel of industrial tour by air is necessitated, additional charges, if any, would be intimated to the students concerned for payment prior to commencement of the tour.

Personality Development Program (PDP) Fee:  To improve communication & soft skills and placement selection chances, it is mandatory for all the students to attend the Personality Development Program organized by UPES. PDP fee of Rs.7500 /- payable along with 2nd Semester Fee in case of PG students. PDP fee for UG programs is Rs.22,000/-, out of which half is payable at the time of admission and balance half in penultimate (second last) semester. However, in case of LLM student PDP fee is payable at the time of registration.
Refundable Security: Refundable (interest free) security amount of Rs.20,000/- is also payable at the time of registration.   
Levies &Taxes: In case any taxes/ levies on fee are charged by the Central/State/Local Authorities/Overseas Authorities from time to time, the same shall also be borne by the students.

Convocation Fee: Student will be charged Rs.1,500 as Convocation fee to be paid in penultimate (2nd Last) semester. Since LLM is one-year duration course, this fee is payable at the time of registration.

Academic Computing fee:  Rs.,3200/- will be charged in the per semester of the program. It is mandatory for all students to bring their Laptop as per the configuration mentioned in the admission offer letter or on the UPES website.

Medical Insurance Fee: To cover medical expenses students are covered through annual Group Medical Health Insurance Policy. An amount of Rs.500/- shall be charged from student at the time of registration. For subsequent years the amount shall be communicated to students alone with semester fees.

Students of BBA Aviation Operations will additionally have to pay one-time applicable IATA course fee (approx. Rs. 40,000/-) in addition to the semester fee during October 2019.


Fee Payment Schedule for those admitted in Academic Year 2019-20

1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester 5th Semester 6th Semester
At the time of admission by 10th January, 2020 by 10th July, 2020 by 10th January, 2021 by 10th July, 2021 by 10th January, 2022
7th Semester 8th Semester 9th Semester 10th Semester 11th Semester 12th Semester
by 10th July, 2022 by 10th January, 2023 by 10th July, 2023 by 10th January, 2024 by 10th July, 2024 by 10th January, 2025

UPES HOSTEL FACILITY / FEE (2019-20) (Only If Applicable)

Residential blocks have been earmarked for limited on – campus accommodation (on first come first serve basis) separately for boys and girls on triple sharing basis.

Student wishing to avail hostel facility (On-campus) will need to deposit;

The fee indicated below is for academic session 2019-20 only and is on triple sharing basis


(l). Rs. 1, 37,800/- Regular hostel for boys and girls at Bidholi and Kandoli campus. However, for girl students we also have a few additional triple sharing rooms with ad-on facilities only at the Kandoli campus as indicated below:

(ll). Rs.1, 53,500/- for hostel room with attached washroom (only for girls)

(IlI). Rs.1, 73,000/- for hostel room with attached washroom and Air conditioning (only for girls)

Interest free refundable Hostel Security Fee: Rs.10,000/-

Note: - Students desirous of availing the campus hostel facility should submit the following documents along with the requisite hostel fee without fail.

• Medical Certificate

• Police Verification Report (from their respective city/town)

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