Personality Enhancement Program

Personality Enhancement Program

In its continuous zeal to provide best to our students UPES collaborates with Dale Carnegie Training India to provide the exuberant experience to our fresher students. A 3-day workshop distinctively structured around our “Communication, Collaboration & Critical Thinking” is hosted to pave a strong foundation of Employability Skills for a glorious future. This followed a stress management module.

Personality Enhancement Programme (PEP) is an effort to update the base knowledge set of new students through intensive training experience for a smooth school to college transition. The balanced module helps the students to communicate effectively to collaborate with their colleagues after critical deliberations on their future course of action for next four years. Stress Management module helped the students to balance their emotions and time to new geographical and people environs.

When “More ,better ,faster with less” seems to be the mantra we hear so often today; the concepts of visualization, brainstorming, reasoning, fact consensus and plan implementation are discussed for logical decision making for Innovation and development of creative products and services.

Values like Trust, Credibility and Trust play important role in personal and professional collaboration. For improved cultural awareness to see the world in a new light reframing of perceptions emphasized. Principles of famous book by Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and influence People practiced in the training sessions.

Visualization, Brainstorming, Individual Practice, Group Rehearsals, Role Plays, Discussions, Digraphs, Focus mapping, Presentations and whole lot of group and individual activities mark the Talent development for enhanced performance in the entire programme.

Students are enthralled to work on their skill sets. They learn to explore new facets of their personality and commit to improve their skill sets by practicing with peers. Student engagements through confidence walks, extempore and presentations bring a sea change in students who enters the training room on day I and exited on Day III after certification.