Dr. Biranchi Prasad Panda

Associate Professor

B.E. (Production Engineering), Shivaji University, Maharastra

MBA (Operations Management), IGNOU, New Delhi

Ph.D. (Design Technology Management), KIIT University, Odisha

Area of Specialization

Operations Management, Materials Management, Technology Management, Design Thinking, Digital Manufacturing & Virtual Factory, 

Product Design & Development, Process Design & Simulation, Product Lifecycle Management

Research & Publications

Seminars & Conferences –

  • Sahu, K. and Panda, B. P. (2015), “The Challenge of Teaching PLM to Management Students: A KIIT-DS PLM Case Study”, 5th Series of International Conference on Product Lifecycle Modelling, Simulation and Synthesis (PLMSS 2015), 15th-17th December 2015.
  • Panda, B.P. (2015), “Modernization & Mechanization of Equipment in Indian Agro-Supply Chain”, Cold Chain Logistics in Agriculture, 2nd Agro Supply Chain Conference (ASCC-2015) Proceedings, Organized by Center for Infrastructure & Project Finance and Department of LSCM & OM, UPES, 3 October 2015.
  • Pradhan, A. and Panda, B.P. (2014), “Employee-Employer Collaboration: An Investment,” 5th National HR Conclave-2014 on Psychological Contract at KIIT School of Management in association with National HRD Network on 23 August 2014. 
  • Satpathy, C. R. and Panda, B.P. (2009), “New Initiatives for Sustainable Business,” AICTE sponsored National Seminar on Technology & Management in the Business Journey of Design to Delivery, C.V. Raman College of Engineering, 9-11 October 2009. 
  • Panda, B.P. and Satpathy, C. R. (2009), “Techno-intensive Marketing: a strategic option for downturn economy,” National Seminar on Marketing in a Downturn Economy, C.V. Raman College of Engineering, 1 June 2009. 
  • Das, B., Panda, B. P. and Satpathy, I. (2009), “Food Supply Chain: On the Cross Road of Global Slowdown,” 4th International Management Seminar on International Market at Crossroads: Strategic Dimensions and Directions, DRIEMS Business School, Cuttack, 24-25 April 2009. 
  • Panda, B.P. and Das, D. (2009), “Biotechnology: An Environment-Friendly Process of Agro-Entrepreneurship,” UGC sponsored National Seminar on Entrepreneurship Development: Challenges and Prospects, Berhampur University, 22 March 2009. 
  • Panda, B. P. (2009), “Role of Technical Education in the Value Chain of Indian Economy,” 11th ISTE National Convention & National Seminar on Technical Education for the Growth of India Economy, GITA, Bhubaneswar, 3 February 2009. 
  • Panda, B.P. and Panda, S. B. (2009), “Technology Absorption – A Strategic Option for Indian Tourism Business,” AICTE sponsored National Seminar on Global Business Initiatives and Innovations: Opportunities & Challenges for India Inc, Global Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, 23 – 24 January 2009. 
  • Panda, B.P., Das, B., Das, R.K. and Satpathy, I. (2008), “Pedagogy of Engineering & Business Education: A Design for Competitiveness,” National Seminar on Changing Trends of Communication Influencing Pedagogy in the Educational Institutions, 1 March 2008, Souvenir pp. 45-55, Padmanava College of Engineering, Rourkela. 
  • Panda, B.P., Das, B., Das, R.K. and Satpathy, I. (2008), “Engineering & Business Education in India,” National Seminar on Advancement on IT-Its role for Protection of Environment – Vision 2020, 21 February 2008, pp. 60-66, Rajdhani Engineering College, Bhubaneswar. 
  • Panda, B.P. (2008), “Technology in Indian Business Education: A skill drive for competitiveness,” International Conference on Business Education in a Global Economy, 12-13 January 2008, Advent Institute of Management Studies, Udaipur (INDIA). 

Publications in Journals –

  • Panda B P & Pradhan A (2014), “Psychological Contract at Workplace: An investment”, Biz & Bytes - A Journal of Management & Technology, Chandigarh Business School of Administration, Vol. No. 5 (2014), Issue No. 1 (Oct), pp. 75 - 80, ISSN 2320-897X.
  • Panda, B.P. and Das, B. (2013), “Design Technology Management in Housing Industry: A Case Study,” International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow, ISSN-2249-9962, Volume-3, No.8, August 2013, pp. 1-10. 
  • Panda, B.P., Padhy, P.C. and Panda, S.B. (2013), “Developing Industry-Ready Human Resources in India: A Socio-Technical Dimension of Competitiveness,” Training & Development Journal, ISSN-2231-0681/069X, Volume-4, Issue-1, January-June 2013, pp. 37-46. 
  • Das, B., Satpathy, I., Panda, B.P. and Panda, S.B. (2010), “Sports Tourism: A Socio-Economic Prospect for India,” KIIT Reseach Journal, Volume-1, Issue-1, October-2010, pp. 489-502.  

Book Publications –

  • Panda, B. P. (2016), “Modernization of Indian Agro-Supply Chain”, Cold Chain Logistics in Horticulture & Agriculture, Ed. Anand, N. and Gupta, S., ISBN: 978-81-317-5426-9, Winsar Publishing Co., Dehradun.
  • Panda, B.P. and Satpathy, C. R. (2010), “Techno-intensive Marketing: a strategic option for downturn economy,” Marketing in Recession, Ed. Sahoo, S.C., Mishara, M. and Das, S.C., ISBN: 81-89045-03-2, pp. 138-145, Department of Business Management, C.V. Raman College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar. 
  • Panda, B.P. (2006), “Technology Front of Operations Strategy,” Customizing organization through Reinventing management, National Management Convention (NMC 2006), 10–12 February 2006, IBAT School of Management, Bhubaneswar, Ed. Sharan, S. and Dhal, M.R., ISBN: 81-7446-467-0, pp. 105-121, Excel Books, New Delhi. 

Industrial R & D work  

  • Cluster Development Activity of Dokhra Handicraft Sector in Odissa 
  • Design Capability, Technology Absorption, Competitiveness study of Madhubani Painting handicraft sector
  • Design Audit in the Housing Industry (i.e. Real Estate Market) of Bhubaneswar
  • Firm-level Design Audit at MIL (a pseudo name), a private consumer durable company
  • Industry-level Design Audit for KBL India (a pseudo name) in Indian Engineering Industry 
  • Firm-level Design Audit for CTL India (a pseudo name), a private but highly reputed Engineering Service Providing Company in India.
  • Firm-level Audit of Website Design activity at a Leading B-School of India

Academic R & D work on –

  • Design Audit of a Center of Excellence in an Indian University
  • Developing and Conducting a Simulated Game on Manufacturing Business 

Awards & Achievements

Best Paper Award :

  • Das, B., Satpathy, I., Panda, B.P. and Panda, S.B. (2010), “Sports Tourism: A Socio-Economic Prospect for India,” presented in the International Conference on Economics & Business at KIIT University and published in the KIIT Reseach Journal, Volume-1, Issue-1, October-2010, pp. 489-502. 

Resource Person :

  • NITTTR (Kolkata) for its extension center at Bhubaneswar on Conflict Management & Problem-Solving Technique.