Faculty Department

Chandra Mani Sharma, Assistant Professor

Chandra Mani Sharma

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale

B.Sc (PCM), Meerut College, Meerut

M.C.A, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow
M.Tech (CS), DAVV Indore
Ph.D (CSE) Pursuing, UTU, Dehradun
GATE in Year 2009
Certification Course from Duke University, USA, 2016
Certification Course from University of California, Davis, USA, 2017
IBM RAD Certification, 2012


Area of Specialization

 Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Software Engineering

Research & Publications:-

For M.Tech dissertation worked for one year on UGC-Sponsored research project –“ Development of an Intelligent Video Surveillance System for Human Behavior Analysis” at University of Allahabad, Allahabad under the supervision of Dr Ashish Khare(PI). 
International Journals-
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“Intelligent Video Object Classification Scheme using Offline Feature Extraction and Machine Learning based Approach", Int Journal of Comp Sc Issues, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 247-256, 2012.
International Conferences-
"Automatic multiple human detection and tracking for visual surveillance system", in proc. of IEEE/OSA/IAPR International conference on Informatics, Electronics and Vision, pp. 326-331, 18-19 May, 2012, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


“Towards Search Based Software Testing: A Survey” Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Innovations and Advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICIAICT 2012), vol. 1, pp. 85-91, 30-31 March, 2012, NOIDA, India,.


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“Architectural Framework for implementing Visual Surveillance as a Service,” 9th IEEE International Conference IndiaCom 2014, pp. 324-330, March 2014.  


Book Published  
Book Chapter-  “Cloud-Based Infiltration Detection System for Military Purposes”  in Book “Delivery and Adoption of Cloud Computing Services in Contemporary Organizations” Chapter 15, pp. 358-386, 2015, IGI Global USA.
Co-Edited Proceedings of National Conference on “Smarter Approaches in Computing Technologies & Applications”, 2014, ISBN 978-81928380-4-5