Dr. K. Mohan Reddy

Associate Professor

B.Sc. (Chemistry), Sri Venkateswara University (SVU), Tirupathi

B.Ed. (Teaching Science Methodology), Bangalore University

M.Sc. (Chemistry) (Inorganic), Bangalore University

Ph.D.(Chemistry) (Applied Science)  Bangalore University

Post-Doctoral Degree -PDF, IISc, Bangalore

Area of Specialization:

  • Basic Chemistry, Science (Chemistry) methods, Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Electro-organic synthesis, Engineering Chemistry, Water Chemistry, Catalysis, Nanochemistry.
  • Photocatalysis, Nanomaterials in catalysis & photocatalysis, Dye-sensitization materials preparation, Semiconductor modified catalyst (Silver-TiO2) preparation, Catalysis, organic synthesis, Energy storage materials, solar cells etc.
  • Structural and Solid State Chemistry, Theoretical and computing chemistry techniques, photocatalysis, designing the photoreactors etc.

Research & Publications:

Research Projects:

R & D  – UPES (Internal Seed Money Project)  Title of the project: Synthesis, characterization and Catalytic Activity of TiO2   Nanoparticles for   Photochemical Oxidation of Organic Pollutants” Grant : 4.30 Laks Period: July 2014 – May 2015

Journal Publications:

  • The paper entitled “Spectroscopic investigations of anatase titania nanoparticles” is published in i-managers Journal on Material Science, vol.2, No.2, 2014
  • Ther paper entitled “Advanced preparation method and characterizations of superhydrophobic sol-gel SiO2 nanoparticles coated on glass and ceramics”, Journal of Advanced Applied Ceramics, ELSEVIER, 2014, 145
  • The paper entitled “Study on design and manufacturing of Dye-Sensitized Solar cell by using biomass-based dye: Performance evaluation of different types of Dye-Sensitized Solar cells” is published in i-managers Journal on Material Science, vol.3, no.3  2014
  • The paper entitled “AFM and FTIR studies of sol-gel silica nano coatings” is published in i-managers Journal on Material Science, vol. 4, No.4, 2014
  • A paper entitled “Photocatalytic performance of silver metalized TiO2: Role of electronic energy levels” Applied Surface Science, ELSEVIER Volume 257, Issue 15, 2011, Pages, 6821-6828
  • The paper entitled “X-ray diffraction studies of nano - titania to predict the structure and different crystallographic forms of TiO2 by using advanced PXRD techniques and simulations” in ICCOSS XX, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), 2011, IISc, Bangalore, India
  • A paper entitled “Enhanced photocatalytic activity of silver metalized TiO2 particles in the degradation of an azo dye methyl orange: Characterization and activity at different pH values” is published in Applied Surface Science, ELSEVIER, 256 ( 2010) 3116-3121
  •  A paper entitled “Photo Degradation Of Methyl Orange an Azo Dye by  Advanced Fenton Process Using Zero Valent Metallic Iron: Influence of Various Reaction Parameters and Its Degradation Mechanism” is published in  Journal of Hazardous Material, ELSEVEIR, Volume 164, Issues 2-3, 2009, Pages 459-467
  • The paper entitled “photo-assisted Fenton degradation of Congo Red a di azo dye using a low concentration of iron: kinetic study, identification of photo products and its degradation mechanism” is published in Central European Journal of Chemistry, 7(3) 2009, 468-477, Springer Link (VERSITA)
  • The paper entitled “The effect of various inorganic anions on the degradation of  Congo Red a di azo dye by photo-assisted Fenton process using zero-valent metallic iron as catalyst.” is published in Desalination and Water Treatment, 4(2009)294, Desalination Publications, www.deswater.com or www.desline.com.

Book Publication:

International Book Titled “Silver metalized Semiconductor mediated metal oxide nanoparticles” with ISBN. No. 978-3-639-71762-4 in Scholars’ Press, Germany in the year 2014(July).

Awards & Achievements:

Young Scientist Award by Indian Council of Chemists (ICC-2008) for contribution in Physical Chemistry Research (Photocatalysts), Preparation of semiconductor metal oxide nanoparticles