Faculty Department

Dr. K. Mohan Reddy

Dr. K. Mohan Reddy

Associate Professor

B.Sc. (Chemistry), Sri Venkateswara University (SVU), Tirupathi

B.Ed. (Teaching Science Methodology), Bangalore University

M.Sc. (Chemistry) (Inorganic), Bangalore University

Ph.D.(Chemistry) (Applied Science)  Bangalore University

Post-Doctoral Degree -PDF, IISc, Bangalore

Area of Specialization:

  • Basic Chemistry, Science (Chemistry) methods, Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Electro-organic synthesis, Engineering Chemistry, Water Chemistry, Catalysis, Nanochemistry.
  • Photocatalysis, Nanomaterials in catalysis & photocatalysis, Dye-sensitization materials preparation, Semiconductor modified catalyst (Silver-TiO2) preparation, Catalysis, organic synthesis, Energy storage materials, solar cells etc.
  • Structural and Solid State Chemistry, Theoretical and computing chemistry techniques, photocatalysis, designing the photoreactors etc.

Research & Publications:

Research Projects:

R & D  – UPES (Internal Seed Money Project)  Title of the project: Synthesis, characterization and Catalytic Activity of TiO2   Nanoparticles for   Photochemical Oxidation of Organic Pollutants” Grant : 4.30 Laks Period: July 2014 – May 2015

Journal Publications:

  • The paper entitled “Spectroscopic investigations of anatase titania nanoparticles” is published in i-managers Journal on Material Science, vol.2, No.2, 2014
  • Ther paper entitled “Advanced preparation method and characterizations of superhydrophobic sol-gel SiO2 nanoparticles coated on glass and ceramics”, Journal of Advanced Applied Ceramics, ELSEVIER, 2014, 145
  • The paper entitled “Study on design and manufacturing of Dye-Sensitized Solar cell by using biomass-based dye: Performance evaluation of different types of Dye-Sensitized Solar cells” is published in i-managers Journal on Material Science, vol.3, no.3  2014
  • The paper entitled “AFM and FTIR studies of sol-gel silica nano coatings” is published in i-managers Journal on Material Science, vol. 4, No.4, 2014
  • A paper entitled “Photocatalytic performance of silver metalized TiO2: Role of electronic energy levels” Applied Surface Science, ELSEVIER Volume 257, Issue 15, 2011, Pages, 6821-6828
  • The paper entitled “X-ray diffraction studies of nano - titania to predict the structure and different crystallographic forms of TiO2 by using advanced PXRD techniques and simulations” in ICCOSS XX, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), 2011, IISc, Bangalore, India
  • A paper entitled “Enhanced photocatalytic activity of silver metalized TiO2 particles in the degradation of an azo dye methyl orange: Characterization and activity at different pH values” is published in Applied Surface Science, ELSEVIER, 256 ( 2010) 3116-3121
  •  A paper entitled “Photo Degradation Of Methyl Orange an Azo Dye by  Advanced Fenton Process Using Zero Valent Metallic Iron: Influence of Various Reaction Parameters and Its Degradation Mechanism” is published in  Journal of Hazardous Material, ELSEVEIR, Volume 164, Issues 2-3, 2009, Pages 459-467
  • The paper entitled “photo-assisted Fenton degradation of Congo Red a di azo dye using a low concentration of iron: kinetic study, identification of photo products and its degradation mechanism” is published in Central European Journal of Chemistry, 7(3) 2009, 468-477, Springer Link (VERSITA)
  • The paper entitled “The effect of various inorganic anions on the degradation of  Congo Red a di azo dye by photo-assisted Fenton process using zero-valent metallic iron as catalyst.” is published in Desalination and Water Treatment, 4(2009)294, Desalination Publications, www.deswater.com or www.desline.com.

Book Publication:

International Book Titled “Silver metalized Semiconductor mediated metal oxide nanoparticles” with ISBN. No. 978-3-639-71762-4 in Scholars’ Press, Germany in the year 2014(July).

Awards & Achievements:

Young Scientist Award by Indian Council of Chemists (ICC-2008) for contribution in Physical Chemistry Research (Photocatalysts), Preparation of semiconductor metal oxide nanoparticles