Dr. Ranjit Kumar

Associate Professor
Papers published in journals: 22
Papers presented in conferences: 11
Citations: 717
Academic Background

  • PhD from University of Connecticut, USA, 2008
  • M.Sc. from University of Delhi, 1998
  • B.Sc. from University of Delhi, 1996

Career Graph:

He worked as an Assistant Professor for 10 years at Amity Institute of Nanotechnology, Amity University, Noida. He did his M.Sc. (Chemistry) at the University of Delhi and P.hD from the University of Connecticut, USA in Inorganic Chemistry. Later, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico, USA, for two years. He is also a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (UK) and a life member of Neutron Scattering Society of India. Earlier he worked as Junior Research Fellow and as a Summer Research Fellow, at Indian Institute of Petroleum, CSIR, Dehradun.

Honours and Achievements:

  • Jury member, PATW national competition organized by IET, U.K. 2018
  • Zeolite Scholarship, Department of Chemistry, UCONN, Storrs, USA. 2006
  • Chemistry Zeolite Crystal Fellowship, Dept. of Chemistry, UCONN, Storrs, USA. 2005
  • Lecturer eligibility certificate (NET), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, India. 1999
  • Junior Research Fellowship, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India. 1998
  • Lecturer eligibility certificate (NET), University Grant Commission, India, 1998
  • Summer Research Fellowship, Indian Academy of Sciences, India, 1997
  • National Merit Scholarship, Govt. of Bihar, India. 1992


  • Contribution:

Reviewer for Journals:

  • Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, Elsevier Publication.
  • Current Opinions in Chemical Engineering, Elsevier Publication.
  • IET Nanobiotechnology, IET Publication.
  • IEEE Sensors, IEEE Xplore Publications.
  • Environmental Chemistry, CSIRO Publishing.
  • Interests: Heterogeneous Catalysis, Nanomaterials synthesis and applications, Superhydrophobic Surfaces, and Functionalization of Metal Oxides. 
  •  Recent Publications:

Journal Publications

  • Dubey, M.; Challagulla, N.V.; Wadhwa, S.; Kumar, R.; “Ultrasound Assisted Synthesis of Magnetic Fe3O4/ɑ-MnO2 Nanocomposite for Photodegradation of Organic Dye” Colloids and Surfaces A, 2021, 609, 125720. (Impact Factor – 3.99)
  • Gupta, A.K.; Khanna, M.; Roy, S.; Pankaj; Nagabooshanam, S.; Kumar, R.; Wadhwa, S.; Mathur, A.; “Design and development of a portable resistive microfluidic sensor based on α-MnO2/GQD nanocomposites for trace quantification of Pb(II) in water” IET Nanobiotechnology, 2021, Accepted Manuscript under review. (Impact Factor – 2.058)
  • Sharma, D. K.; Kumar, R.; Avasthi, D. K.; Sikarwar, B.S.; “Self Assembly of Super-hydrophobic Nanotextured Methyl Functionalized Silica on Cu and Al Surfaces for Moist Air Condensation” Colloids and Surfaces A, 2020, 605, 125379. (Impact Factor – 3.99)
  • Sharma, D.; Kumar, R.; Gupta, M.; Saxena, T.; “Encoding Scheme for Data storage and retrieval on DNA Computers”, IET Nanobiotechnology, 2020, 14(7), 635 – 641. (Impact Factor – 2.058)
  • Roy, S.; Nagabooshanam, S.; Krishna, K.; Wadhwa, S.; Chauhan, N.; Jain, U.; Kumar, R.; Mathur, A.; Davis, J. “Electroanalytical sensor for diabetic foot ulcer monitoring with integrated electronics for connected health application” Electroanalysis, 2020, 117, 106782. (Impact Factor – 2.691)
  • Gupta, A.K.; Roy, S.; Nagabooshanam, S.; Wadhwa, S.; Aravindan, S.; Singh, D.; Mathur, A.; Kumar, R. “Label-free Electrochemical Detection of Dibenzofuran Using MnO2 Nanofibres”, IEEE Sensors, 2020, 20(21), 12537-12542.  (Impact Factor – 3.78)
  • Roy, S.; Nagabooshanam, S.; Wadhwa, S.; Kumar, R.; Mathur, A.; Dubey, A. K.; “A label-free impedimetric sensor based on α-MnO2/tyrosinase hybrid for monitoring of diabetic foot ulcers” IEEE Xplore2020, 1157-1161.
  • Siyal, L.; Kumar, B., Kumar, R.; Sahney, R. “Synthesis of Horse Radish Peroxidase-Gold Nanoparticle Conjugate Through Green Route” Asian Journal of Chemistry, 2020, 32(5), 1243-1247. (Impact Factor – 0.60)
  • Challagulla, N.V.; Rohatgi, V.; Sharma, D.; Kumar, R. “Recent Developments of Nanomaterial Applications in Additive Manufacturing: A Brief Review” Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 2020, 28, 75-82. (Impact Factor – 4.088)
  • Khanna, M., Mathur, A.; Dubey, A.K.; McLaughlin, J.A.D.; Moirangthem, I.; Wadhwa, S.; Singh, D.; Kumar, R. “Rapid Removal of Lead (II) Ions from Water using Iron Oxide-Tea Waste Nanocomposite – A Kinetic Study”, IET Nanobiotechnology, 2020, 14, 4, 275-80. (Impact Factor – 2.058)
  • Pragadeeshwara Rao, R.; Sharma, S.; Mehrotra, T.; Das, R.; Kumar, R.; Singh, R.; Roy, I.; Basu, T. "Rapid Electrochemical Monitoring of Bacterial Respiration for Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Microbes: Potential Application in Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing" Analytical Chemistry, 2020,  92, 6, 4266-4274. (Impact Factor – 6.785)
  • Dubey, M.; Wadhwa, S.; Kumar, R.; “Synthesis of Hematite/Alginate beads Nanocomposite and its Application in Organic Dye Removal”, Materials Today Proceedings, 2020, 28(1), 70-73. (Impact Factor – 1.30)
  • Sharma, D.; Prerna; Kumar, R.; “Emergency Management using Social Networks” IEEE Xplore, 2019, 721-726. (Impact Factor – 0.650)
  • Baghel, V.; Sharma, D.K.; Sikarwar, B.S.; Kumar, R.; Avasthi, D.K. “Tailoring the Hydrophobicity of Copper Surface with Ion Beam Irradiation” Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids, 2019, 174(3-4), 307. (Impact Factor – 1.10)
  • Khanna, M.; Roy, S.; Kumar, R.; Wadhwa, S.; Mathur, A.; Dubey, A. K. “MnO2 based Bisphenol-A Electrochemical Sensor using Micro-Fluidic Platform” IEEE Sensors, 2018, 18(6), 2206. (Impact Factor – 3.78)
  • Kumar, R.; Kumar Robin; Kushwaha, N.; Mittal, J. “Ammonia Gas Sensing Using Thin Film of MnO2 Nanofibers” IEEE Sensors, 2016, 16(12), 4691. (Impact Factor – 3.78)
  • Kumar, R.; Sithambaram, S.; Suib, S. L. “Cyclohexane oxidation catalyzed by manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieves - Effect of acidity of the catalyst” J. Catal. 2009, 262,304. (Impact Factor – 7.888)
  • Sithambaram, S.; Xu, L.; Chen, C-H.; Ding, Y.; Kumar, R.; Calvert, C.; Suib, S. L. “Manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve catalysts for selective styrene oxide ring opening” Catal. Today 2009, 140, 162. (Impact Factor – 5.825)
  • Sithambaram, S.; Kumar, R.; Son, Y-C., Suib, S. L. “Tandem catalysis: Direct catalytic synthesis of imines from alcohols using manganese octahedral molecular sieves” J.  Catal. 2008, 253, 269. (Impact Factor – 7.888)
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  • Buczkowski, G.; Kumar, R.; Suib, S. L.; Silverman, J. “Diet related modifications of cuticular hydrocarbon profile of the Argentine ant, Linepithema Humile, diminishes intercolony aggression” J. Chem. Ecol. 2005, 13(4), 829. (Impact Factor – 2.447)

Book Chapters

  • Sharma, D.; Kumar, R.; “Smart Aquaculture: Integration of Sensors, Biosensors, and Artificial Intelligence” Biosensors in Agriculture: Recent Trends and Future Perspectives, 2020, Springer Publication.
  • Sharma, D.K.; Baghel, V.; Kumar, R.; Avasthi, D.K.; Sikarwar, B.S. “Recent Developments in Fabrication of Super-hydrophobic Surfaces: A Review” Advances in Industrial and Production Engineering, 2019, 127-140, Springer Publication.
  • Tripathi, A.; Agarwal, A.; Kushwaha, N.; Kumar, Robin; Kumar, R.; “Manganese Oxide Nanofibers Based Sensor for Ammonia Gas Sensing” Nanoelectronics and Sensors, 2015, 233-236, Bloomsbury Publication.
  •  Projects or Ph.D.s guided
    Guided one student
  •  Professional Memberships/Fellowship:
  • Neutron Scattering Society of India, 2018 - present
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), U.K., 2013 – present.
  • American Chemical Society (ACS), USA, 2001 – 2010.
  • Materials Research Society (MRS), USA, 2006 – 2008.
  •  Personal interests: Playing Badminton, Cricket and Environmentalist