Faculty Department

Dr. Bhagya Sindhu Tewari

Associate Professor (DOJ - 02.07.2010, Regular)


B.Sc. (PCM) Kumaon University Nainital

M.Sc. (Physics) G.B. Pant University of Ag. and Technology, Pantnagar

Ph.D.,  (Physics) G.B. Pant University of Ag. and Technology, Pantnagar

Advanced Course  (Condensed Matter Physics), Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore


Area of Specialization:

Theoretical modeling and computer simulation of the electronic spectra, transport, magnetic and superconducting properties of strongly correlated systems such as high Tc cuprate superconductors within the framework of many-body field theoretical approaches, and also currently involved in the theory and modeling of quantum transport in Nano-structured superconducting -quantum dot tunnel junctions.


Research & Publications:

B.S. Tewari, Ajay and R. Kishore : Influence of three site exchange interaction on the spectral properties of layered  high Tc cuprate superconductors; Physica C 468, 237 (2008)


B.S. Tewari, A. Dhyani and Ajay : Influence of inter cell resonant tunneling on the out-of-plane electronic transport behavior in layered high Tc cuprates; Eur. Phys. J. B 66, 67 (2008)


A. Dhyani, B.S. Tewari, Ajay " Study of the Josephson Supercurrent through Nanoscopic Superconducting-Quantum Dot Tunnel Junction; Physica E 41, 1179 (2009)


A. Dhyani,  B.S. Tewari and Ajay "Interplay of the single particle and Josephson Cooper pair tunneling on supercurrent across the superconducting quantum dot junction, Physica E 42, 162 (2009)


Ajay, B.S. Tewari and Govind " Influence of Intra and inter unit cell couplings on the electronic spectra in bilayer high Tc cuprates;, Journal of Modern Physics, 2, 759 (2011)


Santosh Dubey, S. K. Joshi, and B. S. Tewari : On the Issue of Radiation-Induced Instability in Binary Solid Solutions Conference Papers in Science Volume 2014, Article ID 849241, 5 pages


B. S. Tewari, Archana Dhyani, S. K. Joshi, Santosh Dubey, and Kailash Pandey : Study of Magnetic Property of Sn Doped Ni-Zn-Fe Nanoparticles Conference Papers in Science Volume 2014, Article ID 816970, 4 pages


A. Dhyani, Rajendra Kumar, B.S. Tewari and Ajay : Tunable Josephson supercurrent through a two level quantum dot superconductor tunnel junction  Journal of Computational Electronics –Accepted for publication


Achievement & Awards: 


Received scholarship from “Him Jyoti Foundation” by Governor of Uttarakhand during M.Sc.


Received “Junior Research Fellowship” from the Department of Science Technology (DST) during Ph.D.  


Ph.D. thesis was selected under Best Thesis Award category in 53-rd DAE, Solid State Physics Symposium held at BARC, Mumbai during 16-20 Dec. (2008).