Dr. Kailash Pandey

Assistant Professor -Selection Grade (DOJ - 21.06.2013, Regular)

B.Sc. (PCM), M B P G College Haldwani Kumaoun University Nainital

M.Sc. (Physics), CBSH / G B Pant University Pantnagar

Ph.D. ( Physics & Computer Science), GBPant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar

Area of Specialization:

Nuclear Physics, Material Science

Research & Publications:

  • “Excitation functions of (n,?) reaction cross-sections for some important isotopes from threshold to 20 MeV”, Kailash Pandey, H. M. Agrawal and Ashok Kumar, Annals of Nuclear Energy Vol. 38 (2011) 1084–1087.
  • “Excitation functions of (n,p) reactions for stable isotopes of Cr, Fe and Ni from threshold to 20   MeV” Bhawna Pandey, Kailash Pandey, and H.M. Agrawal,   Annals of Nuclear energy V0l. 38 (2011) 853-859.
  • Kuldeep Kholiya, Swati Verma, Kailash Pandey and B.R.K Gupta, “High-pressure behavior of calcium chalcogenides” Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter, Vol. 405, 12, p. 2683-2686, 2010. 
  • H. M. Agrawal, Kailash Pandey, K. Surendra Babu, Ashok Kumar and R. Pepelnik, Neutron activation cross-sections at 14.6 ± 0.3 MeV, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol 35 (2008) 1726-1733.  
  • Kailash Pandey, H. M. Agrawal and Ashok Kumar “Cross-section calculations of 231 Pa (n, f) in the energy region En 1-6 MeV, Annals of Nuclear Energy, Vol. 34 (2007) 765-766