Dr. Rishi Dewan

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade (DOJ - 18.06.2005, Regular)

B.Sc. (PCM) BND College, SSJM University, Kanpur 

M.Sc. (Physics with Spl. Electronics), BND College, SSJM Kanpur University, Kanpur

M-TQM  ( Total Quality Management ) Department of Statistics, University of Lucknow,  Lucknow  

Ph.D. (Physics), University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun Uttrakhand 

Area of Specialization:

Ion Beam Irradiation, Surface Morphology of Thin Film, Oleophobic/philic properties of Thin film

Research & Publications:

Modification in Surface Chemistry of the Polyetrafluoroethylene Through Chemical Graft Copolymerization for Potential Oil Contamination Control" in  Particulate Science And Technology 32(2)  DOI: 10.1080/02726351.2013.850459"

International Conferences:

  • NEW 2017 International Conference on Nano for Energy and Water 22-24 Feb 2017, ORAL PRESENTATION:- Title:-Rheological Behavior of Engine Oil containing Carbon Nanotubes By Rishi Dewan,Robin Singh, Ajay Singh
  • " IWCCMP 2016, 4th International workshop on Computational Condensed Matter Physics and Material  Science, 18-20 Nov 2016 Materials for Energy and Environment Poster Presentation, IIIT Gwalior" BY Rishi Dewan, Arpit Parshar, Sarthak Bhatia
  • ICICCD-2016,International Conference on Intelligent Communication, Control and Devices , 2-3rd April 2016, Session chair
  • HSFEA 2016 (International conference on advances in the field of health, safety, fire, environment, allied sciences and Engineering November 18-19, 2016, UPES, Dehradun Oral Presentation Title:-Recent development in machine safeguarding for protecting humans from complicated machines