Ashish R. Thulkar

Assistant Professor

Total years of experience: 6

Academic Background

M.des , Product design and manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, 2014

B.E, Production Engineering, Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, 2011

Diploma, CAD/CAM, 2012

Maharashtra state board

Career Graph:

Project manager, Design Innovation centre, IDC, Indian institute of technology Bombay, Dec 2016 to Jun 2020

Honours and Achievements:

  • Patent application Anti riot helmet App no 201921020739

  • Design registration on collapsible helmet: 314683-002

  • Design registration on kid’s helmet: 314683-001

  • Design registration on explosive detector: 322231-001

  • Concept on ‘future aviation’ featured in Journal ICAO of future aviation 2019

  • Drone Tower concept exhibited in NewYork exhibition center
    of "aviation at the intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City"

  • Drone tower concept featured in book "Transportation Revolutions Changing the World " Seoul, Korea

  • Monosonice monowheel bike concept featured in ATV world magazine.

  • Futuristic vehicle concept showcased at INDIA SMART GRID 2017.

  • Futuristic aviation concept showcased at Innovation Fair 2019 of International Civil Aviation origination.

  • Aviation concept featured in book of “The future of Aviation” of ICAO

  • Design and development of anti-riot helmet for rapid action force India

  • Design and support on project of National Center of Excellence in Technology for Internal Security.

  • Design and support on projects of National Innovation Foundation

  • Design and support on project “stun stick design for Indian army”


Contribution: Design and development of anti-riot helmet for rapid action force

  • Design of innovative product

  • Security products

  • Futuristic vehicle design