Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma

Dr. Pankaj Kumar Sharma



M. Tech, IIT Roorkee

Ph.D, University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun

Area of Specialization

Renewable Energy

Biomass(Gasification, cook stove), Solar  

Research & Publications

Shveta Soam, Ravindra Kumar, Ravi P. Gupta, Pankaj K. Sharma, Deepak K. Tuli, Biswapriya Das, (2015) “Life cycle assessment of fuel ethanol from sugarcane molasses in northern and western India and its impact on Indian biofuel programme” Energy xxx (2015) 1-9. 

P. S. Ranjit, Pankaj Kumar Sharma & Mukesh Saxena, (2014),  “Experimental Investigations on influence of Gaseous Hydrogen (GH2) Supplementation in In-direct Injection (IDI) Compression Ignition Engine fuelled with Pre-Heated Straight Vegetable Oil (PHSVO)”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 5, Issue 10, October-2014 

"Novel Hydrogen-rich gas production by stem gasification of biomass in a research scale rotary tubular helical coil gasifier", International Journal of Energy Research. 

"Practical achievements on biomass stem gasification in a rotary tubular coiled-downdraft reactor", Waste Management and Research. 

"Upgrading techniques for transformation of biogas to bio-CNG: A review", Journal: International Journal of Energy Research. 

"Combustion characteristics and kinetic parameter estimation of Lantana camara by thermogravimetric analysis", Biofuels Dec 2016

International Conference 

"Production of high purity hydrogen from deoiled cake of Jatropha Curcas", NASI conference 2016.