Faculty Department


Swapnil Sureshchandra Bhurat

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade

B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering), University of Pune, 2007

M.S. (Automotive Engineering), University of Hertfordshire, UK, 2008

PhD, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun,2021

Area of Specialization:

Biofuels, Hydrogen production, Hydrogen Application, Advanced I C engines

 Publication &Patents:

  • Singh, Yashvir, Amneesh Singla, and Swapnil Bhurat. "Tribological behavior of pongamia oil-based biodiesel blended lubricant at different loads." Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects 38.19 (2016): 2876-2882.
  • Bhurat, Swapnil Sureshchandra, et al. "Magnetization of diesel fuel for compression ignition engine to enhance efficiency and emissions." International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13.6 (2018): 341-347.
  • Kunwer, Ram, Shyam Pandey, and Swapnil Sureshchandra Bhurat. "Comparison of selected shell and tube heat exchangers with segmental and helical baffles." Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 20 (2020): 100712.
  • Shukla, Prashant, Ram Kunwer, and Swapnil Sureshchandra Bhurat. "Design Optimization of an Automotive Fuel Tank for the Minimization of Evaporative Losses of Gasoline Due to Thermal Conduction: Experimental & Analytical Approach." CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 71 (2018).
  • Kunwer, Ram, Prashant Shukla, and Swapnil Sureshchandra Bhurat. "Noise and Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Gear." International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 13.
    6. (2018): 7-12. 6 Pandey, Shyam, Swapnil Bhurat, and Venkateswarlu Chintala. "Combustion and emissions behaviour assessment of a partially premixed charge compression ignition (PCCI) engine with diesel and fumigated ethanol." Energy Procedia 160 (2019): 590-596.
  • Kumar, Aditya, and Swapnil Bhurat. Numerical Investigations on Thermo-Structural Behavior of Various Cut Patterns for Ventilation on Automobile Brake Discs. No. 2020-28-0477. SAE Technical Paper, 2020.
  • Bhurat, Swapnil, Amit Yadav, and Atreya Pathak. "Implementation of Turbocharger in Petrol Engines and its Thermal Analysis." International Journal of Advanced Computer Research 2.4 (2012): 495.
  • Patent: Electric Power Loader for moving payloads, Mansas Jaiswal, Abhinav Dhaka, Swapnil Bhurat, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Ram Kunwer, University of petroleum and Energy Studies, Patent No. 202011009945, Published (2020)
  • Pandey, S., S.S. Bhurat, and R. Kunwer, Investigation of fumigation of ethanol and exhaust gas recirculation on combustion and emission characteristics of partially premixed charge
    compression-ignition engine. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 2020: p. 1-15. 
  • S.K. Kurre, S. Pandey, N. Khatry, S.S. Bhurat, S.K. Kumawata , S. Saxenaa, S. Kumara, Study of Lubricating Oil Degradation of CI Engine Fueled


  • Development of PCCI engine operating on VCR with vaporized diesel

Honours and Achievements:

  • Excellence in Research award, 2019 (R & D, UPES)
  • Nominated for the Training of Leadership  from the University under the title SHIKHAR