Dr. Sayantan Ghosh

Assistant Professor

  • Papers published in journals: 10
  • Papers presented in conferences: 2
  • Citations: 140

Academic Background

  • Ph.D. Geology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA
  • MS. Petroleum Engineering, University of Oklahoma, OK, USA.
  • BS. Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA.

Career Graph:

Dr. Ghosh worked for major Oil & Gas companies (BP and Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in Houston offices) as a geomechanics/petrophysics for two years. He also worked in the University of Houston as a postdoctoral fellow in reservoir modelling and petrophysics for one year. He joined UPES as an Assistant Professor in January of 2021


  1. Contribution: 

    Dr. Ghosh successfully provided a novel understanding of:

    1. Paelostresses in the in South Oklahoma-North Texas (USA) region over the past 300 million years through his field and subsurface study of geologic fractures.
    2. Hydraulic fracture propagation in shales through discrete fracture network simulation aided by field study of geologic fractures.
  2. Interests: Reservoir geomechanics, reservoir modelling, hydraulic fracturing, geologic fractures/faults, seismicity, and petrophysics


Recent Publications:


  • Ghosh, S., Galvis-Portilla H.A., Klockow C.M, and Slatt R.M, 2018. An application of outcrop analogues to understanding the origin and abundance of natural fractures in the Woodford Shale; Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 164 (2018), 623-639
  • Ghosh, S., Busetti S., and Slatt R.M., 2019. Analysis and prediction of stimulated reservoir volumes through hydraulic fracturing: Examples from western Arkoma Basin; Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 182 (2019)
  • Alrefaee, H., Ghosh, S., and Abdel-Fattah M., 2018. 3D seismic characterization of the polygonal fault systems and its impact on fluid flow migration: An example from the Northern Carnarvon Basin, Australia; Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 167 (2018), 120-130
  • Milad B., Ghosh, S., Slatt R.M., Marfurt K.J., and Fahes, M., 2020. Practical Aspects of Upscaling Geocellular Geological Models for Reservoir Fluid Flow Simulations: A Case Study in Integrating Geology, Geophysics, and Petroleum Engineering Multiscale Data from the Hunton Group; Energies, 13(7)
  • Ghosh, S., Hooker, J.N., Bontempi, C.P., and Slatt, R.M., 2018. High-resolution stratigraphic characterization of natural fracture attributes in the Woodford Shale, Arbuckle Wilderness and US-77D Outcrops, Murray County, Oklahoma; Interpretation, 6 (1), SC29-SC41
  • Aghaei H., Ghosh S., Behrgani K., 2020. Example of applied outcrop analysis and its significance as an analogue for surrounding giant gas-fields; case study of Kuh-e-Surmeh region, southwestern Iran; Ore and Energy Resource Geology, 5, 100010
  • Ghosh, S. and Slatt R.M.; Tectonic joint size, abundance, and connectivity: Examples from Woodford Shale and Hunton Limestone, 2019; Shale Shaker, 70 (3), 112-136
  • Milad B., Ghosh, S., and Slatt R.M., 2018. Comparison of rock and natural fracture attributes in karsted and non-karsted Hunton Group Limestone: Ada and Fittstown area, Oklahoma; Shale Shaker, 69 (2), 70-86
  • Ghosh, S., Milad B., Prasun S., and Ghosh S.S., 2018. Origin and Characterization of Joints in Sedimentary Rocks: A Review; Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Journal, 2 (5), 1-12
  • Prasun S. and Ghosh, S., 2018. A new analytical model of ultimate water cut for light oil reservoirs with bottom-water; Journal of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sciences, 1(3), 74-81

Conference papers:

  • Ghosh, S., Rai, C.S., Sondergeld, C.H., Larese, R.E., 2014. Experimental investigation of proppant diagenesis; SPE/CSUR Unconventional Resource Conference, 1-23; Calgary, AB
  • Milad B., Ghosh, S., Suliman, M., Slatt, R.M., 2018. Upscaled DFN models to understand the effects of natural fracture properties on fluid flow in the

Professional Memberships/Fellowship:


Personal interests: Geological field trips, mentoring students