Summer School is a regular feature, held for village children along with our adopted daughters during their Summer Vacations. The children’s are given training for overall development that includes Painting, Dance, Aerobics, Knitting & Embroidery, Communication Skills, Computer Training, etc. These initiatives have been instrumental in enhancing the overall personality of children with time.


Community Services


Income Generation Drives for Rural Women by CSR, UPES through Skill Development Programs

To make the village women self-reliant and to increase their status in the house, income generation through them becomes important. Keeping this in mind, CSR, UPES conducts a number of skill development workshops for the village women.

One of such training workshop was on Candle Making which was organized for the women of nearby villages. The women were trained to make candles and were given an opportunity to sell those in UPES campus before Diwali. This income generation opportunity gave a boost to the village women.

Another such drive done by CSR, UPES to increase the self-employment skill was a training workshop on Fruit Preservation for the village women. This workshop under the aegis of CSR, UPES was conducted with the help of Women Initiative for Self Employment (WISE) under Himalayan Environment Studies and Conservation Organization (HESCO).


Another training program on “Tailoring Skills” was conducted for the village women. The training was imparted to the villagers by a sixteen year old girl “Kamla” hailing from Almora district of Uttarakhand.

Kamla is an example of strong will overcoming adverse situation. One of Kamla’s feet was so badly mauled by a leopard while she was returning home from school, that it could not be treated at Almora. After knowing this tragedy, the Cheshire Home of Dehradun came forward to help the girl and brought her to Dehradun where she was provided with all facilities for her treatment. She was taken to Jolly Grant Hospital, Dehradun where ultimately her foot had to be amputated. Now Jaipur artificial leg has been implanted and she can walk without the help of calipers.

With Kamla as trainer, it gave a moral boost to the women attending the training. She has set an example of overcoming hurdles and to progress always.

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