UPES Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The UPES Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (UCIE) is a Business Incubator (BI) with focus on the technology sectors in Delhi NCR and Uttarakhand region belt.

The mandate of the Centre is to assist the UPES community entrepreneurs (faculty, staff, alumni and students) as well as the external community entrepreneurs commercialize their product/service ideas and/or accelerate their growth.

Our mission is to synchronize and synergize the interactions between various stakeholders of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with utmost importance on enabling young students to become successful entrepreneurs through our structured programs and events.

The key technology focus areas are: Transportation, Infrastructure, E-commerce, Education, Energy.

IT/ITES Gaming and Animation Cloud Computing New Materials Biotechnology Energy Technology Food Processing technology Retail Technology Fashion Technology



  • Developing a conducive environment where entrepreneurship activities can commence
  • Facilitating creation of successful companies by helping budding entrepreneurs by providing resources
  • Providing excellent mentoring services to start-ups
  • Providing professional business environment to start-ups for operating business
  • Utilization of R&D infrastructure to create innovation based start-ups companies
  • Assistance in commercialization of intellectual property
  • Consultancy in business planning, market research, and corporate development
  • Providing financial assistance for setting up business
  • Contributing towards the growth of technology and business sectors in the country by generating new opportunities to setup businesses;mainly in the      area of renewable energy and green technology
  • Developing strong alliances with regional business and technology communities through incubation programs


Incubation Model

UCIE believes in providing a platform to enthusiastic, zealous, and aspiring entrepreneurs and in bringing a positive change in the industry with launch of new and promising businesses. We encourage talent and innovative thinking and provide opportunities to the potential change makers of the industry, thereby contributing towards bringing a positive change.

UCIE supports technology start-ups as well as lab-stage innovations and paves the path for potential business ideas reach the market.

Facilities Institutional support

  • Faculty
  • Student


  • Access to our Mentors
  • Access to Services
  • Access to UPES Academic Experts

Individual Support

  • Emerging Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Start-ups

How UCIE Helps Inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset, develop knowledge & skills

  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinking, not constrained by resources
  • Knowledge and skills relevant to venture creation

So you can be

  • Future entrepreneurs
  • Highly sought after successful entrepreneurial employees

UCIE association with University Business Incubator (UBI) Global

UCIE is a member of UBI Global, this provides Centre a unique opportunity to understand, explore and visualize the state and impact of India's incubation ecosystem in a more efficient way. This also helps in sharing global incubation best practices and insights and nurtures a network within Centre’s own ecosystem.

UCIE primarily works with focus on following three parameters and their sub-constituents to improve and evaluate operational and strategic effectiveness:


Value for Ecosystem

  • Economy Enhancement
  • Talent retention

Value for Clients

  • Competence development
  • Access to funds
  • Access to network

Attractiveness of the Incubator

  • Program Attractiveness
  • Post incubation performance

UCIE Partners

UCIE aims to build an Entrepreneurial ecosystem in Uttarakhand to strengthen the existing stakeholders by providing them a network to share/discuss/leverage areas of common interest. This would invariably result in valuable help in a short period of time there by economic cooperation in the future. UCIE conducts a series of events with network of local community, Departments of State Government, NGOs, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), PHD Chamber of Commerce by providing information about UCIE and its activities to build mutually enriching cooperation and growth of entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand region. This Entrepreneurial ecosystem will also establish contacts with other programs supporting business, data bases, foreign investors and export opportunities.

Activities @ UCIE

Centre is currently working with 32 Incubatee organizations; of which 3 are Pvt. Ltd. entities, one is LLP and One Incubatee organization’s registration as a trust is under process. Ms. Pramiti Upadhyay, Founder of SOCH (an incubatee organization) has been selected as one of the honorary for Prestigious Laureate Here for Good Award. In last semester of academic year 2016-17; 532 students of 8 B. Tech Programs and 4 BBA Programs were taught Venture Ideation though LNO Portal as a pilot project.

For the next academic year Centre would be educating 2936 young students the basic concepts of Entrepreneurship through online courses. This will include all second year students of 32 B. Tech Programs of College of Engineering Studies, 14 BBA Programs of School of Business, 5 Programs of School of Law and 2 Programs of School of Design .

As the Centre moves further and starts playing a pivotal role in building startup ecosystem in Uttarakhand region, it would be working as Knowledge Partner with JumpStart; Jumpstart is the first co-working hub and incubator in the private sector in Uttarakhand located in the heart of Dehradun.

Major activities at Centre include: Incubation and Seed-funding of Innovative Start-ups

The university helps innovative start-ups with incubation services like Networking Activities, Marketing Help, Training for Developing Presentation Skills, Links to Strategic Partners, Expert Advice, Broad Business Training Programs, and more.

Research on Industry Trends

The Start-ups require a lot of understanding in terms of the industry growth pattern, competitors, problems, challenges, and other useful information. There for the university supports the young entrepreneurs by providing research based analytical insights.

Sharing Knowledge through Conferences

Conferences are held for young entrepreneurs in order to share knowledge on industry trends and innovation on the whole.


The workshops developed by the Centre are framed around businesses and involve academic researchers and professionals from the industry. The workshops are organized to provide a basic understanding of what it takes to commercialize and gain various types of business knowledge. Supported by the faculty of UPES and industry experts, these workshops cover a wide variety of topics viz. industry analysis, technical feasibility study, market feasibility, demand forecasting, financial feasibility study, and strategy development. The theoretical knowledge is enhanced by the industry experts and entrepreneurs who also share their personal experiences with the candidates.

Year wise list of Projects Incubated so far Year 2015

Year 2015

S.No Name of Startup Nature of startup (Area of Specialization) Year of Commencement Contact Information of Promotors (Name of Innovator)
1 Clovation Others 2015 Vishnu
2 With-U Infrastructure 2015 Ankit Dubey
3 Paradrone Transportation 2015 Vindhya
4 Powder coating with insulation properties Energy 2015 R Issac
5 Automatic air filling system for 4 wheelers Transportation 2015 Amit Kumar
6 Neelam Chullah Energy 2015 Prof. Sahu
7 Tickle Technology 2015 Chakradhar
8 Dios Inspiro Infrastructure 2015 Aaron Eipe John
9 Viscometer Technology 2015 Venateshwaran
10 Verde Spazzino Infrastructure 2015 Aaron John
11 Cross Time-3D Tech Bot Technology 2015 Yash Kumar Vasa
12 To Be Heard Technology 2015 Parminder Singh
13 Hi Tech Street Lighting System Infrastructure 2015 Nitish Garg

Year 2016

S.No Name of Startup Nature of startup (Area of Specialization) Year of Commencement Contact Information of Promotors (Name of Innovator)
1 Dwellerin ICT 2016 Saurav Sinha
2 SOCH Social 2016 Pramiti Upadhyay
3 FoodPremi ICT 2016 Shubham Pathak
4 Tyris Internet ICT 2016 Akas Ranjan
5 Edu-One ICT 2016 Vishal Kaushik
6 Soap lift Sensor Cleantech 2016 Sindher Oj
7 Vertical Farming Cleantech 2016 Chiranjeevi Chandan
8 Fire Simulator ICT 2016 Sagar Vaghasia
9 UAV Cleantech 2016 Asmita Singh Bisen
10 CAP ICT 2016 Surya Chauhan
11 Campus Supplier ICT 2016 Anuriddha Singhai
12 Piezoelectric Cleantech 2016 Yash Dwivedi
13 Wireless Charging Cleantech 2016 Dia Goel
14 Panel Arc Meta Search Engine ICT 2016 Abhishek Dubey
15 Healthcare on Wheels Life sciences 2016 Ankur Mangal
16 Coal from organic waste Cleantech 2016 Deepankar Mathur
17 Logistic Support for Army Personals ICT 2016 Sameer Budhwar
18 Wind Turbine Cleantech 2016 Nikhil Raj
19 Cancer Project Life sciences 2016 Saurabh Shanu
20 Tiger project ICT 2016 Saurabh Shanu
21 Scrapwala ICT 2016 Amrit Pratyush
22 Smart Traffic Management Cleantech 2016 Ankur Dumka
23 Builder Consultancy ICT 2016 Lovish Gupta
24 Solid Waste Management Cleantech 2016 Tushar Tiwari
25 Librinify ICT 2016 Vedant Sundariyal
26 Plug2Mart ICT 2016 Shubham Jain
27 Credfic Fintech 2016 Siddhartha Sarma
28 Creations of Writing ICT 2016 Suyash Jain
29 EatStreet Food 2016 Pankaj Bhudhwani
30 Shambuk Ventures Agri-Business 2016 Ashwin Agarwal
31 Caked Food 2016 Rahul Sharma

Year 2017

S.No Name of Startup Nature of startup (Area of Specialization) Year of Commencement Contact Information of Promotors (Name of Innovator)
1 Wedding Planner E-Commerce 2017 Bhayal Mahipal
2 Bug Burgers Food 2017 Varun Pisal
3 BSV Handicafto LLP Craft 2017 Vibhabv Jain
4 BagPack 4 Blinds design 2017 Pranjal Chaudhary
5 Vendoee E-Commerce 2017 Ayush Vardhan
6 EatOPedia E-Commerce 2017 Dhawal Barnwal
7 Café Cultures E-Commerce 2017 Himanshu Wadhwa
8 AimSquire Education 2017 Shantanu Sharma
9 Organic Ginger Agri 2017 Haitsina Kaurinta
10 Sleep Detector Automobile 2017 Lakshya Gupta
11 Tread Meal Food 2017 Sagar Sengupta
12 Flash Buzzar E-Commerce 2017 Rakesh Soni
13 Capsule Automobile 2017 Utkarsh Agarwal
14 TutorIn Edtech 2017 Akshit Khunger
15 Rahi E-Commerce 2017 Raghav Laad
16 V Mobile Tech 2017 Vasant Pratap Singh
17 JustComfort E-Commerce 2017 Pranjul Tiwari
18 SecureX Cyber Security 2017 Roushan Jha


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