M. Plan (Master of Planning)
with specialization in
Urban & Regional Planning/ Environmental Planning/ Transportation Planning

M. Plan with specialization in Urban & Regional Planning/ Environmental Planning/ Transportation Planning
The two-year long Master of Planning program is a Flagship program which leads up to award of a M. Plan Degree. The program offers several specialization which draws on strength of the school, constituent colleges & University.
The program offers core courses to develop theoretical knowledge in urbanization processes, planning approaches, challenges of urbanization, land use planning, governance & development, and socio-economic issues of urban and regional areas, and environmental issues.

Urban & Regional Planning
Urban & regional Planners work towards sustainable, equitable and orderly development. The current tools to implement these ideas are Master Plans, Regional Developments Plans, City Development Plans etc. Graduate will be expert in preparing the above & would contribute to development through facilitating better access to land and housing, infrastructure services and employment opportunities in urban and regional space. The target is to educate and train students with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills and ability to work from local to the regional level. Urban & Regional Planning will offers studios in land use planning ranging from Metropolitan Region to City Level up till Ward Level Plans.

Environmental Planning
Environmental planning is the process of facilitating decision making to carry out development with due consideration given to the natural environmental as well as social, political, economic and governance factors and provides a holistic frame work to achieve sustainable outcomes. The specialization is designed so to provide the students with necessary knowledge and skills essential for comprehending an environmental problem, examining the correlated issues in order to generate agreeable and pragmatic solutions. The course target to develop an understanding of various aspects of environmental planning and management by introducing an array of subjects, namely, environmental economics, environmental monitoring, environmental policies and legislation, environmental impact assessment, climate change etc. Environmental Planning will offer studios in Environment Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plans at various levels.

Transportation Planning
Transport planning is a cross-cutting specialization & crucial in planning sustainable developments and ensuring accessibility for all individuals. Transport planning is about preparing, assessing and implementing policies, plans and projects to improve and manage our transport systems. There is a need for transport planning on a local, regional, national and international level. It can involve understanding the link between transport and the future shape of our towns and cities, the economy, the environment and climate change, and the quality of life. It is also about changing people's attitudes towards travel to encourage use of alternatives to the private car. Transportation Planning offers studios on preparing comprehensive mobility and transportation plans at city and regional level.

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