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BBA - Course Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) 3-years program at UPES School of Business is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles and practices. It is a popular undergraduate degree program that prepares students for a wide range of careers in the business world. The program spans four years and offers a balanced curriculum combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students are exposed to various disciplines within business, including finance, marketing, management, accounting, economics, and entrepreneurship. The program aims to develop students' critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 50% marks in Class X and XII.

Selection Criteria

Entrance Exam (UPESMET-UG) / UGAT/ CUET

UGAT 2024 - 60 Percentile, CUET-UG 2024 - 60 Percentile

Program Fee Structure


CategorySem 1Sem 2Sem 3Sem 4Sem 5Sem 6
Tuition Fee ₹1,25,000₹1,25,000₹1,32,000₹1,32,000₹1,41,250₹1,41,250
Academic Service Fee₹41,000₹41,000₹44,000₹44,000₹47,000₹47,000
Total Fee₹1,66,000₹1,66,000₹1,76,000₹1,76,000₹1,88,250₹1,88,250

Students must pay the fees within the stipulated time frame to secure their admission into the course. The fee can be paid online or offline through various modes of payment such as credit/debit card, net banking, or demand draft.

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Scope and Highlights

The BBA program at the School of Business offers a wide scope and a range of exciting highlights for students. The curriculum provides a holistic business education, covering key areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship. Students can specialise in various fields, including oil and gas management, aviation operations, logistics management, international business, marketing, and human resources, allowing them to develop expertise in their chosen area of interest.

The program emphasises industry relevance, incorporating case studies, industry projects, internships, and real-world simulations to provide practical knowledge and skills. With strong industry connections and partnerships, students benefit from guest lectures, workshops, and internships, gaining valuable industry exposure and networking opportunities. The program also nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset, supporting students in developing their business ideas and ventures. The BBA program at the School of Business equips students with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

Career Opportunities

After completing a BBA program, graduates have a wide range of career options to pursue. You can consider roles such as International Marketing Manager, where you would develop and implement marketing strategies to promote products or services in global markets. Market Research Executives collect and analyse data to identify market trends and consumer behaviour, providing valuable insights to businesses. Relationship Managers build and maintain client relationships to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Foreign Trade Analysts analyse international trade data, monitor market trends, and provide recommendations for companies engaged in global trade. Business Development Managers focus on identifying new business opportunities and establishing partnerships to drive growth. Research Associates assist in conducting research projects, collecting data, and analysing findings. Lastly, Foreign Trade Managers oversee and manage international trade operations, including compliance, logistics, and risk assessment. These diverse profiles offer exciting career prospects for BBA graduates.

Why study BBA at UPES School of Business?

Studying BBA at UPES School of Business offers a range of advantages and opportunities. The school provides specialised BBA programs focusing on areas like oil and gas management, aviation operations, logistics management, international business, marketing, and human resources. This specialisation ensures in-depth knowledge and industry-specific skills. The curriculum is designed to align with industry requirements, blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Industry partnerships and collaborations provide students with guest lectures, workshops, internships, and projects, facilitating valuable exposure and networking. The faculty comprises experienced industry practitioners, renowned academicians, and subject matter experts, ensuring quality education and mentorship. The campus boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating an optimal learning environment. UPES School of Business supports internships and placements through a dedicated Career Services department and a strong industry network. The university also promotes entrepreneurship development and offers resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. Co-curricular activities, sports facilities, and cultural events contribute to holistic development. Industry exposure, field visits, and global opportunities through student exchange programs further enhance the learning experience. When considering BBA at UPES, conducting thorough research, visiting the official website, and connecting with current students or alumni for additional insights is advisable.

Student Testimonials

Collection of feedback and reviews from our former students, providing valuable insights into the course's quality, faculty, infrastructure, and career prospects.


To opt the minors, please choose the minors from the bucket. Click here to know more.


BBA (Green Energy and Sustainability)
BBA (Global Program) 2+1 2 Year in UPES Campus + 1 Year in Overseas University.

Specialisation as per Partner University

  1. Nottingham Trent University, UK
  2. University of Essex, UK
  3. University of Queensland, Australia
  4. Bond University, Australia


In semesters 1 and 2, students will study the mentioned common subjects. They will be exposed to courses from their chosen specialisation from the third semester.

Semester 1
Principles and Practices of Management3
Micro Economics3
Business Mathematics3
Business Accounting3
Business Communication3
Organizational Behavior3
Spreadsheet Modelling2
Business Environment2
Semester 2
Macro Economics3
Business Statistics3
Financial Management3
Marketing Management3
Understanding Emerging Technologies3
Human Resource Management3
Operations Management3
Fostering Social Responsibility and Community Engagement2


UPES’ annual placement drive gives students a chance to interact with recruiters from leading start-ups and MNCs from around the world. Here are some top recruiters at UPES:

Aditya Birla
Bajaj Capital
Chem Analyst
Freight Systems
GMI Research
Grant Thornton
IndiaOne Air
Phronesis Partners
Saigal Seatrade
true blue

UPES has a record of 99 percent placement and ensures good opportunities for students as it attracts many big corporate houses. PEP (Personality Enhancement program) for students helps develop a positive outlook and gain several skills necessary for their time at the university. The university assists the students in grabbing the best internship opportunities. The students are offered pre-placement boot camp for the students for Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) training before their placements. The School of Business at UPES takes pride in its exceptional achievement and placement highlights. With a remarkable track record of 100% placement for all eligible students, the institution ensures a bright future for its graduates. The school boasts of the highest salary package offered to its students, reaching an impressive 30 lakhs per annum. Alongside this, the average salary for placed students is also commendable, reflecting the excellent opportunities available to them. Moreover, the institution's commitment to the success of its students extends beyond graduation with lifetime placement assistance, ensuring continuous support throughout their professional journey. The campus serves as a hub for opportunities, with a wide network of 220+ recruiters actively participating in on-campus recruitment drives. The numbers speak for themselves, as evidenced by the remarkable feat of placing over 465 students in the year 2022 alone. With such achievements, the School of Business at UPES stands as a leading institution for students seeking a successful and fulfilling career in the business domain.


What is the BBA Program?

The BBA program, or Bachelor of Business Administration program, is an undergraduate degree program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of business principles and practices. It covers various aspects of business management, including marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship, preparing students for a wide range of career opportunities in the business world.

What are the eligibility criteria for the BBA Program?

The eligibility for the BBA program at UPES School of Business requires qualifying in the Entrance Exam (UPESMET-UG) / UGAT’23/ CUET and Minimum 50% marks in Class X and XII. Non-Examination Pathway: BBA & Integrated (BBA) - (MBA) Admissions through National Level Tests**. Students with a minimum score of 60 per cent or above in UGAT 2023 will be exempted from the UPES Management Entrance Test and called for Personal Interview if Qualified.

What are the different specialisations I can opt for in the BBA Program?

The School of Business offers specialised BBA programs in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operation Management, Analytics & Big Data, Digital Business and more. These programs provide students with focused knowledge and skills in these respective fields, preparing them for rewarding careers in industries related to economics, international business, energy, general management, and transportation.

Does UPES provide scholarships for the BBA Program?

There are academic scholarships for meritorious students, domicile scholarships for bonafide Uttarakhand students, freeships under Project ‘Jyoti’ for students from Economically Weaker Sections, and sports scholarships under Project ‘Vijaya’. Check here for more information 

What are the career opportunities after doing the BBA Program?

After completing a BBA program, graduates have a wide range of career opportunities. They can pursue roles such as business analyst, marketing executive, financial analyst, human resources manager, operations manager, consultant, or entrepreneur, or pursue further education in business or related fields for advanced career prospects. The versatile skill set acquired during the BBA program equips graduates to excel in various industries and provides a solid foundation for long-term professional growth.

What is the average salary after the BBA Program?

After completing a BBA program, the average salary varies based on several factors, including job role, industry, location, and individual skills. However, BBA graduates can typically expect starting salaries ranging from approximately ₹3 lakh to ₹6 lakh per annum, data to be validated by CST, Rahul D. Kahera), with the potential for higher earnings as they gain experience and advance in their careers.

Are there hostel facilities for boys and girls getting admission for the course?

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