BBA LL.B. (Hons.)

BBA LL.B. (Hons.) - Course Overview

The BBA LL.B. (Hons.) program is a 5-years comprehensive and integrated undergraduate course that combines the disciplines of Business Administration (BBA) and Law (LL.B.). This course offers students a unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge and skills in both fields, preparing them for various career opportunities. Highly qualified faculty members teach the program, and students can choose from 10 specialisations in their third year.

Through this program, students develop a comprehensive understanding of both the legal and business domains, allowing them to navigate complex legal issues in a corporate setting effectively. They acquire critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills, which are essential for success in the legal profession.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum 50% marks in class X and XII
Selection Criteria
  • Examination Pathway: 
    Admissions through ULSAT (UPES Legal Studies Aptitude Test)
  • Non-Examination Pathway:
    • CLAT Merit / L-SAT India Merit - for BA LL.B. (Hons.), B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.), BBA LL.B. (Hons.) - Candidates with minimum 50% Marks in Higher & Senior Secondary (10th & 12th) and CLATAIR ranking up to 15000/ L-SAT India Percentile of 60 percentile or above will be exempted from appearing in ULSAT.
    • Board Merit: for BA LL.B. (Hons.), B.Com. LL.B. (Hons.), BBA LL.B. (Hons.) - Candidates with 75% marks in 10th and 12th main five subjects (English as one of the compulsory Subject) are exempted from ULSAT.

Up to 20% of seats shall be filled through the Board Merit/CLAT AIR/L-SAT India Category.

CUET (UG) cut-off UPES BA LL.B. (Hons.) Program - 60 Percentile

Program Fee Structure


CategorySem 1Sem 2Sem 3Sem 4Sem 5
Tuition Fee ₹1,04,000₹1,04,000₹1,11,000₹1,11,000₹1,20,000
Academic Service Fee₹ 70,000₹ 70,000₹75,000₹75,000₹80,000
Total Fee₹1,74,000₹1,74,000₹1,86,000₹1,86,000₹2,00,000


Sem 6Sem 7Sem 8Sem 9Sem 10

Students must pay the fees within the stipulated time frame to secure their admission into the course. The fee can be paid online or offline through various modes of payment such as credit/debit card, net banking, or demand draft.

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Scope and Highlights

The School of Law (SoL) is a constituent college of UPES. It brings to you highly integrated undergraduate programs aimed at creating legal and techno-legal professionals specialising in Corporate and Energy Law, besides IPR and Cyber Law. The Bar Council of India approves all programs the UPES School of Law (SoL) offers. The integrated programs offered by SoL are the first of their kind in South Asia.

Career Opportunities

BBA LL.B. (Hons.) is a five-year integrated course combining law and business administration, providing students with a broad understanding of legal systems, business practices, and management principles. Graduates can work as lawyers, legal advisors, corporate lawyers, legal consultants, or legal analysts in law firms, corporate houses, government agencies, and non-profit organisations. They can also explore career opportunities in finance, banking, insurance, and real estate as corporate managers, human resource managers, marketing managers, financial analysts, or management consultants. BBA LL.B. (Hons.) graduates are highly sought after by employers, equipped with critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, making their careers challenging and rewarding.

Why study BBA LL.B. (Hons.) at UPES School of Law?

The programs offered by the university have a range of features that set it apart from other law programs. The university has received numerous accolades, including a QS 5-star rating for Employability, University of the Year (North India) awarded by ASSOCHAM, and an Accredited Grade 'A' by NAAC.

As per the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2022, the Ministry of Education, India, School of Law, been ranked 21 in Law and among the Top 10 Private Law colleges in India by India Today.

We have a vision to provide quality legal education in this new age of digital transformation. The institute is committed to not only exploring but also implementing an outcome-based education. We focus on applying the new-age learning technologies to competency-based, adaptive and collaborative education. This will help us create a learning space which meets the unique needs of every student.

In the coming years, we aim to focus on digital learning through a balanced combination of technology, digital content, live instruction and experiential learning. Our partnerships with global institutions would provide our students with much-needed 'international exposure at home'. We have the privilege of becoming the first Indian university to partner with the UK-based University of Law. School of Law, UPES and UK-based The University of Law (ULaw), one of the most reputed universities for legal studies globally, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that aims to provide opportunities to students such as –

  • Scholarships for postgraduate programs
  • Faculty and student exchange
  • Online modules
  • Summer school program
  • Research collaboration
  • Collaborative seminars, moot courts, conferences and student competitions.

We also have MoUs with renowned institutions such as Maurer School of Law and Nottingham Trent University to provide progression opportunities for higher education. The School of Law, UPES has taken another step towards bridging the gap between industry and academia. In line with the guidelines released by the University Grants Commission, we have appointed top legal practitioners as Professors of Practice to inculcate practical skills to students through their vast industry experience. Finally, the program offers unmatched global opportunities, ensuring students are well-prepared for the international legal market.

Student Testimonials

Collecting feedback and reviews from our former students provides valuable insights into the course's quality, faculty, infrastructure, and career prospects.


To opt the minors, please choose the minors from the bucket. Click here to know more.


The program offers students the opportunity to specialise in ten diverse subjects, each designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in specific fields of law. The rigorous and comprehensive program provides students with a deep understanding of the law and its role in shaping society. Faculty members are highly qualified and committed to providing students with a stimulating learning environment, allowing them to acquire the necessary skills to excel in their chosen field.

Overall, the BBA LL.B. (Hons.) program offers students a unique opportunity to specialise in their area of interest, equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the legal profession.

Constitution Law
Criminal Law
Corporate Law
Taxation Law
Intellectual Property Rights
Energy & Environment Law
Banking & Insolvency Law
Investment and Trade Law
Disruptive Technologies Law
Industrial Relations and Constitution Law


Semester 1

Law of Contract I4004
Law of Tort and Consumer Protection Laws4004
Major (Paper 1) Principles and Practices of Management 3003
Minor I (Paper 1) Financial Management3003
Minor II (Paper 1) Marketing  Management3003
Critical Thinking and Writing2002
Fundamentals of Moot Courts0011
Environment Sustainability and Climate Change (Theory)2002
TOTAL   22

Semester 2

Law of Contract II4004
Legal Methods and Legal Reasoning3003
Major (Paper 2) Human Resource Management3003
Minor I (Paper 2) International Finance3003
Minor II (Paper 2) Consumer Behaviour and Market Research3003
SFL-Living Conversation2002
Legal History3003
Environment Sustainability and Climate Change ( Living Lab)2002
Social Internship0000
TOTAL   23

Semester 3

Constitutional Law I4004
Law of Crimes I: IPC4004
Family Law I4004
Major (Paper 3) Organizational Behaviour3003
Minor I (Paper 3) Business Accounting3003
Minor II (Paper 3) Services Marketing3003
TOTAL   23

Semester 4

Constitutional Law II4004
Law of Crimes II: CrPC4004
Family Law II4004
Law of Evidence4004
Major (Paper 4) Business Economics3003
TOTAL   23

Semester 5

Labour Law I3003
Company Law I4004
Code of Civil Procedure & Limitation Act4004
Environmental Studies & Law4004
Major (Paper 5) Business Statistics3003
Counselling Skills1001
TOTAL   22

Semester 6

Labour Law II3003
Administrative Law4004
Law Optional-Company Law II4004
Major (Paper 6) Project Management 3003
Hons 1 specialization4004
Hons 1- Making of the Indian Constitution    
Hons 1- Criminology    
Hons 1-Corporate Governance    
Hons 1-Tax Administration and Dispute Resolution     
Hons 1-Copyright Law and Practice    
Hons 1-Legal Framework- Metaverse, Block Chain     
Hons 1-Labour welfare and Constitutional Protections    
Hons 1-Private International Trade Law    
Hons 1-Banking Laws & Practices    
Hons 1-International Environmental Law    
Foreign Language ( Any one) 
TOTAL   22

Semester 7

Taxation Law4004
Transfer of Property and Easement Law4004
Law Optional-Interpretation of Statutes4004
Hons 2 specialization4004
Hons 2-Transformative Constitutionalism    
Hons 2-Comparative Criminal Procedure     
Hons 2-Corporate Restructuring    
Hons 2-Goods and Service Tax    
Hons 2-Law of Trademarks    
Hons 2-Drone Laws, AI & Intelligence Robotics Law    
Hons 2-Comparative Social security and Indian Constitution    
Hons 2-Public International Trade Law    
Hons 2-Financial Market Regulation    
Hons 2-Energy Law and Policy Goverance in International Scenario    
Hons 3 specialization4004
Hons 3-Comparative Constitutionalism    
Hons 3-Financial and Systemic Fraud     
Hons 3-Securities Market Regulation    
Hons 3-Tax Practice and Filing of Returns     
Hons 3-Patent Law and Practice    
Hons 3-Fintech & E-Commerce    
Hons 3-Wage Laws and Constitutional Protection.     
Hons 3-International Investment Law    
Hons 3-Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law    
Hons 3-Sustainable Energy and Environment Protection    
TOTAL   23

Semester 8

Public International Law4004
Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance4004
Law Optional-Intellectual Property Law4004
Mediation (with Conciliation)3003
Hons 4 specialization4004
Hons 4-Comparative Federalism     
Hons 4-International Criminal Law    
Hons 4-Foreign Investment Law    
Hons 4-Customs and Latest Developments    
Hons 4-Trade Secrets and Sui Generis IPR    
Hons 4-Cyber laws & Cyber Security     
Hons 4-Comparative Labour Constitutionalism    
Hons 4-International Banking & Finance    
Hons 4-Debt Recovery Laws    
Hons 4-Climate Change and Energy 
Transition- National and International Legal Framework
Hons 5 specialization4004
Hons 5-Comparative Legislative Relations    
Hons 5-Socio -Economic Offences     
Hons 5-Competition Law    
Hons 5-Corporate Tax and Planning     
Hons 5-Industrial Design Law    
Hons 5-Data Privacy & Law relating to OTT and Social Media    
Hons 5-Vulnerable employment and law    
Hons 5-International Commercial Arbitration    
Hons 5-International Banking & Finance    
Hons 5-Legal Framework of Indian Oil and Gas Sector    
TOTAL   23

Semester 9

Alternative Dispute Resolution4004
Hons 6 specialization4004
Hons 6-Election Law    
Hons 6-Forensic Science and Law     
Hons 6-Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law    
Hons 6-International Taxation     
Hons 6-Commercialisation of IPR    
Hons 6-Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, and Smart Cities    
Hons 6-Feminist industrial Jurisprudence    
Hons 6-Law of IPR in International Trade    
Hons 6-Law on Insurance    
Hons 6-Nuclear Energy Laws and Sustainable Development    
Programe Elective-1 (Any one)
Health Laws
Insurance Law
Aviation, Air and Space Law 
Law relating to Human Rights 
Programe Elective-2 (Any one)
 Private International Law 
Comparative Competition Law and Policy 
Banking and Negotiable Instruments Law 
Law of Defense Studies
Hons 7 ( PBL)0022
TOTAL   18

Semester 10

Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System4004
Moot Court Exercise and Internship0022
Law Optional-Information Technology Law4004
Hons 8  (PBL)0044
TOTAL   14
Semester 1
Law of Contract I4
Law of Tort and Consumer Protection Laws4
Principles and Practices of Management3
Financial Management3
Marketing Management3
Living Conversations3
Fundamentals of Moot Court1
Semester 2
Law of Contract II4
Legal Methods and Legal Reasoning3
Human Resource Management3
International Finance3
Consumer Behavior and Market Research3
Critical Thinking and Writing3
Legal History3
Semester 3
Constitutional Law I4
Law of Crimes I: Indian Penal Code4
Family Law I4
Organizational Behavior3
Business Accounting3
Services Marketing3
Leadership and Teamwork3
Semester 4
Constitutional Law II4
Law of Crimes II : CrPC4
Family Law II4
Law of Evidence4
Business Economics3
Working With Data3
Environment and Sustainability - Himalaya Fellowship3
Semester 5
Labour Law I3
Company Law I4
Code of Civil Procedure & Limitation Act4
Environmental Studies & Law4
Business Statistics3
Design Thinking3
Counsilling Skills1
Semester 6
Labour Law II3
Administrative Law4
Company Law II4
Project Management3
Hons 14
Foreign Language2
Signature Course3
Solving Complex Problems 
Technologies of the Future 
Future Casting 
Managing Relationships and Being Happy 
Start your Start-up3
Semester 7
Taxation Law4
Transfer of Property and Easement Law4
Interpretation of Statutes4
Hons 24
Hons 34
Signature Course3
India and Its Place in the Contemporary World 
Theory of Everything 
Digital Transformation 
Finding your Purpose in Life 
Contemporary World 
Semester 8
Public International Law4
Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance4
Intellectual Property Law4
Hons 44
Hons 54
Mediation (with Conciliation)3
Semester 9
Alternative Dispute Resolution4
Program Elective I4
Health Laws 
Insurance Law 
Aviation, Air and Space Law 
Law relating to Human Rights 
Program Elective II4
Private International Law 
Competition Law 
Banking and Negotiable Instruments Law 
Law of Defense Studies 
Hons 64
Hons 7 ( PBL)2
Semester 10
Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System4
Moot Court Exercise and Internship2
Information Technology Law4
Hons 8  (PBL)4


With a placement record of 80%, (approx.) we assure exceptional career opportunities for our students. School of Law, UPES allure renowned law firms/ corporate houses, ensuring a promising future in law.

Atos Syntel
Chadha & Chadha
IC University
More Global
Remfry Sagar
Samsung Research
Spice Route
Tata Power
Wadiya Gandhi

For any law graduate, Internships are crucial stepping-stones toward a thriving legal career. At School of Law, UPES, we go the extra mile to connect our students with the best internship opportunities available. This enables them to gain practical exposure, honing of their skills, and establish valued alliances in their interned organizations.

At School of Law, UPES, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals and to boost further chances of securing a dream job, we provide a comprehensive pre-placement boot camp. This specialized training program prepares for Group Discussions (GD) and Personal Interviews (PI), ensuring that students shine during placement. Our expert faculty and industry professionals will equip students with the necessary skills and techniques to ace any interview. We are committed to shaping students into confident and accomplished professionals.

Join School of Law, UPES today and embark on a transformative journey that propels you toward legal excellence. Immerse yourself in a supportive community, state-of-the-art facilities, and limitless opportunities to excel in the legal profession.


Does UPES provide scholarships for BBA LL.B. (Hons.) Program?

There are academic scholarships for meritorious students; domicile scholarships for bonafide Uttarakhand students; freeships under Project ‘Jyoti’ for students from Economically Weaker Sections; and sports scholarships under Project ‘Vijaya’. Check the link for more information

What is the average salary after the BBA LL.B. (Hons.) Program?

The average salary for graduates of the BBA LL.B. (Hons.) program in India can vary depending on various factors such as experience, job role, location, and industry. As per industry estimates, entry-level salaries for law graduates’ range between INR 4-6 lakhs per annum. However, with experience and expertise, salaries can range from INR 8-15 lakhs per annum or more. However, it's important to note that individual skills, performance, and networking also play a crucial role in determining salary levels.

Are there hostel facilities for boys and girls getting admission for the course?

Yes, hostel facility is provided by the University. Residential blocks have been earmarked for limited on-campus accommodation (on first come, first serve basis), separately for boys and girls on triple sharing basis. Students wishing to avail hostel facility (on-campus) will need to deposit fee in advance.

The fee indicated below is for academic session 2022-23 only and is on triple sharing basis

Fee: Rs. 1,65,000/- Regular hostel for boys and girls at Bidholi and Kandoli campus.

In addition to the hostel fee, an interest-free refundable hostel security fee of Rs. 10,000/- will be taken at the time of registration.

Note: Students who wish to avail the campus hostel facility should submit the following documents along with the requisite hostel fee without fail:

- Medical Certificate*

- Police Verification Report* (from their respective city/town)

*Format is available in registration letter sent separately only to admitted students.

Note: Hostel refund will be as per University’s norms (Refund Policy)