Health Care

Recognizing the importance of preventive and curative health care, UPES has taken several initiatives related to health. It is our endeavor to provide basic healthcare facilities in the region around the university campus. We are committed to providing all possible support to create awareness on various health related issues impacting the local people. We organize health camps like General Health Check-up Camps, Gynecology Camps, and Eye Check-up Camps at villages around UPES as well as at the UPES campus. Free medical consultation and medicines are provided by highly qualified and dedicated doctors. The response to such free health camps has been excellent particularly for the village women who are able to freely interact with lady doctors.

Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane. -MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.


Mayukha, a 4 year old child from Kerala, daughter of an UPES official was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss in her both the ears and had to undergo the Cochlear Implant surgery. CSR, UPES is supporting the child in Audio Verbal Training therapy and she is making excellent progress.


UPES has always been in the forefront to provide necessary services to the less privileged section of society. As an example, the case of Kalam Singh may be mentioned. Kalam Singh, a gardener at the university guesthouse had lost his left leg in an accident. UPES provided him an artificial leg. Financial support has also been provided in many other


UPES has launched a Mobile Medical Van (MMV) service for villages in its vicinity. The MMV, manned by a qualified doctor, functions as a mobile clinic to conduct general health check-ups and provide free medicines. The MMV visits the villages on every Friday of the week. This initiative of UPES brings medical facilities to the doorsteps of villagers and improves the quality of life of the community, particularly the women and children.

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