In today’s competitive world, global exposure is extremely important as it allows students to know about diverse perspectives, effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and use disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge in the long run. Global learning involves a better understanding of the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental influences that helps shape a student’s life in the future.

With a primary focus on life-long learning and knowledge beyond classrooms, UPES believes in giving its students global exposure and an edge over other students. We have partnered with leading institutions in 6 countries to provide our students with global expertise. UPES graduate students will get 50% waiver on PG programs tuition fees in over 22 UPES partner institutions in London, Berlin, Canada, (Vancouver or Toronto) Singapore and Dublin.

Another exciting added advantage is that all UPES students enrolling in the year 2020 can study overseas for 4 weeks in our partner institutions, without any additional tuition fee. The 4-week study abroad program is to give students exposure to global experts, culture, situations and context that will be unique, hands-on, and with real deliverables.

  • Lectures and seminars by expert faculty.
  • Notable guest speakers connected to industry and leading professional practitioners in their field.
  • Practical group work and exercises fostering inspiration through participation and making. 
  • Visits to relevant industry and design studios. 

UPES offers two Study Abroad programmes: The Global Leadership Programme and Design & Innovation Programme. The international study programme takes place in: London, Berlin, Vancouver and Singapore

Global Leadership Programme

Four weeks study abroad program to give students exposure to global experts, culture and dynamics. The four-week intensive cross-culture career focussed programme, specially designed for tomorrow’s leaders of the globalised, technology driven organisation. This course helps build self-confidence, leadership skills and global perspective. The course is divided into four chapters:

  • Working & Managing in a Globalised World
  • Leadership & International Business Management
  • Global Business Strategy & Communication
  • Entrepreneurship & Building your own Business

Design & Innovation Programme

The Course focuses on design thinking, leadership, marketing & communication, entrepreneurship & innovation, and cultural activities.

The four-week intensive cross- culture innovation focussed programme, specially designed for makers to become tomorrow’s changemakers. The course is divided into four chapters:

  • I have an idea: Methods, concepts, frameworks for innovation projects
  • Dive into it: User-centric mindset and potential opportunities
  • Make it Real: Developing prototypes with leadership and teamwork
  • Get it out there: Developing business case & marketing the project


To help enhance our students’ skillset & employability we provide courses and certifications from leading companies like AWS, Tableau, IBM and Alibaba.


Academic Alliances