Jayant Mukherjee

Jayant Mukherjee

Co-Founder & Mentor, Samcara

Jayant is a Co-founder of Samcara – a platform for career guidance. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and the Indian Institute of Technology, B.H.U and has over twenty-five years of experience. He currently dons different hats including those of a founder, counsellor, management consultant, and mentor.

He has designed a unique Integrated Career Guidance Solutions for Samcara that is powered by technology, driven by data and insights, and backed by an expert network. He has counselled over three thousand and five hundred people, including school students and their parents, young professionals, people with experience, and retiring armed forces personnel. In addition, he has counselled students from the leading management institutes of the country, including IIMs, and rank holder Chartered Accountants.

He was the Director – Of Training & Development of the Government of India’s rural skilling program DDU-GKY. He laid emphasis on digital training modules, research and development, and training of trainers that led to rapid upscaling of the program. He directed the conduction of 300+ workshops and training programs, supervised the training of 7500+ staff of stakeholder organisations, conceptualised and directed video modules on SOPs of DDU-GKY, and participated in discussions and debates on skilling in India in various forums in various States.

He has consulted a wide gamut of organizations spanning several sectors and industries. He has worked at the trisection of Strategic Management, Organisation Development, and HRM. He has taught at leading management institutes in India.

His first two books, ‘Designing Human Resource Management Systems: A Leader’s Guide’, and ‘Rendezvous with a Monk’ received critical acclaim and reviews. His latest book ‘Lives Changed that Week’ draws heavily on insights gained from his counselling experience. He is currently working on his fourth book.

Jayant is passionate about animals and birds; he is fond of painting, photography, literature, and theatre.