Mahesh Kumar Tiwari

Mahesh Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Tiwari completed his PhD in Fire Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in 2022, focusing on Compartment Pool Fire, toxic hazards from fires, and factors affecting fire smoke toxicity. Following his PhD, he joined as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Safety Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar. He holds a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Chhatrapati Shivaji Institute of Technology Durg and an M.Tech from IIT Roorkee. His areas of interest encompass the application of quantitative risk analysis in fire safety engineering, fundamental experimental investigation of material flammability and fire dynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of flames and fires, and pyrolysis of solid and liquid fuels. Dr. Tiwari has published extensively in the fields of fire safety, material flammability, and combustion.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Tiwari worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Safety Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar, where he analysed structures under fire for more comprehensive performance-based design procedures and assessed building facade systems in fire conditions. Later, he held the position of Project Technical Manager at the Shah Bhogilal Passive Fire Protection System Laboratory, part of the same centre at IIT Gandhinagar. With seven years of experience in industry, academia, and research, Dr. Tiwari brings a diverse background after earning his M.Tech in 2009.

Research Interests

Dr. Tiwari's research interests include Fire Hazards in High Rise buildings, Passive Fire Protection Material, Numerical Fire Modelling, Smoke Toxicity, Thermal Response of Bio-degradable Material, and Industrial Safety.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Tiwari believes in creating an environment where students actively participate in their learning process, encouraging hands-on activities, problem-solving exercises, and collaborative projects. He emphasizes building a solid foundation in fundamental ideas, theories, and mathematical models to support engineering disciplines, enabling critical thinking and the application of knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Courses Taught

Dr. Tiwari teaches a range of courses, including Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery, Thermodynamics, Disaster Management, Design of Fire Protection Systems, and Fire Hazard Assessment and Safety.

Awards and Grants

During his Postdoctoral work (Jan 2022 to Jan 2023) at the Center for Safety Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar, Dr. Tiwari received the Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship. He was awarded the MHRD fellowship during his M.Tech. (2007 to 2009) and Ph.D. (2017 to 2022) from IIT Roorkee.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Tiwari actively contributes as a member of Fire Safe Build India, an organization that organizes Fire Safe Build India (FSBI) conferences and seminars annually. FSBI aims to foster a culture of fire safety based on respect, understanding of methods, and access to technologies for preventing and managing fire events.