Anjali Nayar

Anjali Nayar

Assistant Professor (Selection Grade)

Profile Summary

Anjali Nayar is a seasoned animator, documentary filmmaker, accomplished author, and skilled illustrator. Her educational background includes a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University, New York, and a bachelor's degree in Animation Film Design from the esteemed NID (National Institute of Design). This unique combination of qualifications showcases Anjali's exceptional expertise and creative prowess.

Work Experience

With an impressive track record, Anjali possesses 11 years of industry experience and 2 years in the field of education. Her creative impact is widely acknowledged, as her work has been prominently featured in prestigious international publications like TED, VICE Motherboard, BuzzFeed News NYC, and Honeyguide Media. Notably, her contributions have also been embraced by prominent Indian publishers such as Penguin, Scholastic, Pratham, The Caravan Magazine, and India Together. Furthermore, Anjali's captivating video and animation projects have enjoyed broadcast on renowned platforms like NDTV and Doordarshan.

Research Interests

In the realm of research, Anjali Nayar has delved into a range of significant subjects including alternative education, child rights, gender equality, environmental sustainability, rainwater harvesting, and disaster mitigation. Her research initiatives have garnered support from prominent organizations such as The Ratan Tata Trust, Foundation for Universal Responsibility, and the National Institute of Design.

Teaching Philosophy

Anjali Nayar fosters an educational environment that empowers students to become enthusiastic and perpetual learners. Her teaching approach integrates hands-on, project-based learning to develop skills and self-assurance, emphasizing both conceptual and practical aspects of animation filmmaking. Anjali's classroom resonates with curiosity, experimentation, and creativity, respecting each student's unique abilities while emphasizing empathy and kindness to inspire excellence in their work and personal growth.

Courses Taught

Anjali teaches Animation and VFX courses like Script Writing, Narrative design, film pre-production and post-production, Fundamentals of Animation, Illustration, Concept Art, Storyboarding and Motion-graphics. 

Awards and Grants

Anjali Nayar's accomplishments have been acknowledged with numerous awards. Her documentary film centered on rainwater harvesting, backed by the Ratan Tata Trust, earned her the Newcomer Award for Direction at the CMS Vatavaran Film Festival. Furthermore, her independent animation films have secured prestigious honors, including the Best Animation award at renowned international film festivals such as Woodpecker, Twilight, CMS, and the Afghanistan International Film Festival.