Shreya Mahajan

Shreya Mahajan

Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)

Profile Summary

Apart from being a lawyer by training and a professor by practice, Shreya is a public policy enthusiast and an activist at heart. She is a curious individual who seeks an intellectually stimulating environment and she believes in satiating her curiosities through evidence-based research. 

Work Experience

She has a broad experience of more than 5 year. She has been associated with Institutes of National Importance and various Governmental Universities. She has handled various positions of responsibility in a very early stage of her career, such as that of Examination Head, Placements Convener, Cultural Head and Research Coordinator. She has briefly practiced at various courts and thus can provide the practical insight on the working of the law.

Research Interests

Her paramount interest areas of research include criminal laws, family laws and gender justice.

Teaching Philosophy

She combines wit and humour in her classes so as to encapsulate the students into critical thinking and creativity in the field of law. She teaches law with deep appreciation of its purpose, its context and its effect.

Courses Taught

She has aligned (though not restricted) her teaching interests in line with her research interests. She teaches courses on Evidence laws, criminal laws, arbitration, IPR and socio-legal dimensions of gender.

Awards and Grants

She has been a triple distinction holder from the premier educational institutions in this Country. She has received letter of excellence and recommendation from each and every workplace of hers, including the Ministry of Law and Justice.

Scholarly Activities

Her most notable works have been published in various journals and books of both international and national repute.