Srinath G.M.

Srinath G.M.

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Srinath Rao is an internationally published photographer and documentary filmmaker renowned for his expertise in creating brand narrative advertorials and insightful documercials for individuals and organisations. With a passion for authenticity, his work aims to appreciate and showcase various elements to captivate viewers. With a wealth of experience, Srinath brings in a unique perspective to each project, delivering compelling visual storytelling that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Work Experience

After graduating from UPES in 2011, he worked as a Sales and Marketing executive in the oil & gas industry. During that time, he explored advertising and commercial photography, working with airline, travel & lifestyle magazines and freelancing for fashion designers. He also taught photography at TGC Animation in New Delhi. In 2017, He quit his full-time job to pursue photography and was awarded a full-fee scholarship by British Council-India in 2018 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Commercial Photography from the prestigious Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom. He traveled across Europe, learning from artists, galleries, museum exhibits, and produced a series of advertorials and documentaries for his academic project. He then obtained a Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa, offering photography services in London. He has produced three documentaries and continues his photography practice focused on researching "Indianness in Photography”. He believes his experiences can benefit UPES and its students. His works can be viewed on

Research Interests

His research interest revolves around the exploration of the interplay between technicality and characterisation in photography, with a particular focus on the role of visual playfulness of each element in the frame. He aims to investigate how the incorporation of playful elements can enhance the overall interest and appeal of a photograph, transcending the mere technical aspects. By examining various artistic techniques, compositions, and subject matters that evoke a sense of playfulness, he seeks to uncover new ways to captivate viewers and create visually compelling and engaging photographs.

Teaching Philosophy

His teaching philosophy revolves around the belief that photography is a powerful tool for capturing and expressing the essence of travel, culture, people, and nature. He aims to inspire his students to embrace a documentary and photojournalistic approach, enabling them to convey the passage of time and evoke nostalgia in today's contemporary world. He encourages them to explore diverse subjects that deeply connect with their inner well-being and reflect their authentic character. By emphasizing the importance of composing captivating frames and utilizing creative lighting techniques, he strives to instill a sense of belonging and truthfulness in their images. He rejects the notion of categorizing photography into rigid genres, instead embracing the limitless possibilities of this art form.

Courses Taught

The courses he teaches encompass a diverse range of creative disciplines. In his Photography course, students delve into the technical and artistic aspects of capturing compelling images, exploring composition, lighting, and post-processing techniques. His cinematography focuses on visual storytelling through motion pictures, covering camera operation, lighting design, and editing skills. His experience in Art Direction nurtures students' creative vision, teaching them to conceptualize and execute visually captivating designs. On the research front, he equips students with skills to investigate and analyze subjects, employing methods from various disciplines. Lastly, in Documentary Filmmaking he guides aspiring filmmakers in crafting powerful narratives that shed light on real-world issues. Each course offers comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience, empowering students to excel in their chosen fields.

Awards and Grants

Srinath Rao achieved a remarkable milestone in 2018 as he became a recipient of the prestigious "GREAT" scholarship. This highly coveted scholarship, granted by the British Council in India in collaboration with esteemed universities in the United Kingdom, recognizes exceptional academic and personal achievements. Srinath's dedication and photography skills stood out among a pool of applicants, earning him this prestigious opportunity.

Scholarly Activities

Srinath's scholarly activity centres around the development of a unique concept rooted in personal experiences, present skills, and future aspirations, shaping his photographic practice. As a versatile professional in commercial and advertising photography, documentary filmmaking, and photography education, his theory aims to cultivate an individual's distinct visual culture in photography. By emphasising personal experiences and influences as core elements, he seeks to explore the intrinsic connections between one's past, present, and future, fostering a personal and authentic approach to the art of photography.