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Integrated (B.Des.) - (M.Des.) - (Fashion Design)

Program details

The Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design program offered by UPES is designed to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of fashion. The program aims to develop students' creativity, originality, and aesthetics, enabling them to become proficient fashion designers who can contribute to the industry's growth and innovation.

Throughout the program, students will gain a deep understanding of the fashion industry and its dynamic nature. They will learn about the Fashion Cycle, which encompasses the entire process from conceptualization to production and marketing. Students will be exposed to various specialized skills and processes involved in fashion design, including garment construction, textile selection, pattern making, and fashion illustration.

The Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design program will foster students' ability to think critically, innovate, and develop new concepts in fashion design. They will be encouraged to explore different styles, colors, shapes, and silhouettes to create unique and marketable fashion products. The curriculum will also cover aspects of marketing and new systems, enabling students to understand the business side of the fashion industry and develop strategies to sustain demand.

Program Highlights

  • The Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design program offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the vital skills and industry-standard tools required to succeed as proficient and adaptable fashion designers in the constantly evolving Indian fashion industry.
  • The program focuses on integrating technology into fashion design, enabling students to become adept at utilizing appropriate tools and incorporating technological advancements to create commercially viable fashion products that align with industry demands.
  • Recognizing the need for designers to meet commercial requirements, the program emphasizes delivering innovative product and system solutions, ensuring that students develop a deep understanding of the market and can cater to diverse market segments, including niche markets.
  • Students benefit from the guidance of accomplished professionals in the fashion industry, who provide invaluable insights and mentorship, nurturing their sagacity, direction, and foresight as aspiring designers.
  • The Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design program offers ample opportunities for students to gain practical exposure through internships, industry collaborations, and hands-on projects, enabling them to apply their skills in real-world scenarios and develop a strong portfolio.
  • With a focus on empowering students, the program ensures their readiness for successful careers as fashion designers, equipping them with the necessary industry knowledge, technical expertise, and adaptability to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-changing fashion arena.

The future scope of the Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design program is highly promising. With India's textile and clothing sectors contributing significantly to the country's export revenue, industrial production, and GDP, the fashion industry is expected to grow at a rapid rate of over 10% annually. Success in this field requires a deep understanding of individual style and personality, boosting self-confidence, considering the purpose and target audience of designs, and meeting user needs and occasion requirements. The industry's potential for financial gain has led to a surge in demand for fashion professionals, creating abundant job opportunities for graduates. Notable brands and publications actively seek out fresh talent with unique concepts and designs. The expansion of the industry into clothing, accessories, jewelry, and other related categories further widens the scope for professionals in the field. Students pursuing the Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design program can tap into this growing industry, showcasing their creative skills, sketching ability, strong communication, and teamwork to carve a successful career path in the dynamic world of fashion.

Career Opportunities

The field of fashion is incredibly dynamic, offering abundant career prospects for designers. In India, in particular, aspiring fashion designers have the advantage of drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions. It is important to acknowledge that a career in design demands passion and dedication. If you possess a distinctive blend of creativity and aesthetic sensibilities, you can excel in this glamorous industry. Upon completion of the Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design course, students will acquire comprehensive knowledge of various facets of fashion designing, enabling them to make informed career decisions in alignment with their interests and aspirations.

The following potential professional paths are available for students who specialize in Fashion Design.

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Retail Merchandiser
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Textile Designer
  • Fashion Photographer


The Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design program presents exciting opportunities for students to engage with well-known fashion design labels, brands, export houses, and buying agencies. This newly introduced program opens doors for collaboration and offers valuable experiences to aspiring fashion industry professionals. Students have the chance to work alongside experts in the field, gaining valuable insights into the inner workings of the industry. By participating in this program, students can enhance their knowledge and skills, preparing themselves for a successful career in the fashion world.

Fee Structure

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The minimum eligibility criteria for Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design to be fulfilled by interested students is as follows: Minimum 50% marks at Higher and Senior Secondary Level (X and XII any Stream).

Selection Criteria

The process of selection criteria for students interested in pursuing Integrated B.Des.-M.Des. Fashion Design offered by UPES is based on the individual's performance in National Level (NID/NIFT/CEED)/ UPESDAT / Board Merit/ CUET followed by Portfolio Presentation & Interview.

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