Women Day Celebrated

CSR team members reached out to that segment of society comprising women prisoners who have been shunned by the society. The team conducted workshop for them to bring a smile on their countenance and the feeling of elation that there are people who care and are concerned about them. The plan was to visit the prison and meet women inmates, the objective mainly was to introduce income generation programs for them to make them self-reliant, and to overcome social stigma by reminding them that they also have a future, forgetting their dark side of life.

TRAINING PROGRAMS To empower women in the villages by helping them to become economically independent, UPES conducts various skill-development training programs. It is well recognized that financial independence achieved through income generation by women is the surest way of enhancing their status at home and in the community.

For this purpose, UPES conducts a number of training programs/workshops for the village women such as:


The training workshops are aimed at creating income generation opportunities for village women and promoting self- reliance and a better family status for them. The workshops are conducted by qualified UPES faculty as well as by other trainers from outside. Every year, UPES conducts training workshops for village women on candle making, diya decoration and making soft toys before Diwali where they are provided support to put up stalls at the UPES campus. UPES family members, including students, are encouraged to purchase their products. The total sale proceeds go to these women. The women get highly motivated from this income generation program when they can contribute towards the family expenditure incurred during the Diwali festival.

Training workshops on tailoring & fruit and vegetable preservation skills are also conducted by UPES for the village women and young girls on a regular basis. This encourages them to start a micro-scale industry, thus generating a steady source of income.

UPES has initiated a “green microenterprise” venture titled “Villagers Green Income Generation Program”. The idea behind this initiative is to supply the villagers with materials and the technique for making paper bags. The villagers are also informed about the market for selling the paper bags to ensure sustainable income for them. This modest CSR contribution of UPES towards the financial empowerment of women is showing encouraging results.

Last Updated : 4/18/2016 1:33:10 PM

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