Design your own Degree

UPES empowers you to 'Design Your Own Degree'

UPES, a multi-disciplinary university, envisions a bespoke curriculum for each student, with the right balance of knowledge, skills and experiences. Students are encouraged to design their academic and skill-based learning paths and emerge as well-rounded professionals with strong human values. With eight specialisation-focused schools and a School for Life to impart 21st century competencies to the learners, UPES is well-suited to offer a vast permutation and combination of subjects to the students, providing them unlimited learning and growth options. 


How to design your own degree?


Along with the core subject, students have the option to choose from focused subject specialisations. They are also allowed to choose minor/exploratory subject from other schools at UPES that are School of Advanced Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Law, School of Business, School of Health Sciences, School of Design, School of Modern Media and School of Liberal Studies.

Also, based on the multifaceted needs of the global workplace and evolving lifestyles, the curriculum offers Signature and Life-Skills courses through School for Life. To round off this learning experience, students are also required to do mandatory internships in the social sector, government/public sector, and the industry.

Life Skill courses have been introduced to add width and depth to the professional development of a student in areas such as creativity, critical thinking, design thinking, persuasive presence, conversations, the art of learning, and working with data and personal branding. Some of the signature courses students can pick from are ‘Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century’, ‘Environment and Sustainability’, ‘Start your Start-up’, ‘Technologies of the Future’ and ‘Finding your Purpose in Life’.

For example, students enrolled in B.Tech. Computer Science can choose to specialize in AI & ML, Blockchain Technology, IoT & Smart Cities and Big Data, among other things. They can further take up minors, including Constitution and Indian Polity, Ethical Hacking, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Robotics and many more. Additionally, he or she can choose from a bouquet of Life Skills courses – Creativity, Decision Making, Personal Branding, Leadership and Teamwork, among a host of other skills. Some of the Signature courses students can pick from are Technologies of the Future, Environment and Sustainability, and Digital Transformation, besides others.

The combinations available for students to pick and choose from are endless, ensuring both depth and width of knowledge.


Design Degree
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