At UPES we believe that a mix of students from across the globe will lead to a more enriching experience for students and faculty alike. With an emphasis on innovation and exploration, UPES is working to foster an open and all-inclusive culture that will help students adapt to an increasingly global professional environment.

UPES looks forward to welcoming students from all over the world.

International Students

Any applicant holding a passport of any country other than India, including applicants of Indian origin who are not Indian nationals/passport holders, are defined as International Students.

Non Resident Indians

Non Resident Indians (NRI's) or dependents of Non Resident Indians who have studied and passed qualifying examinations from schools or colleges outside India are defined as International Students and entitled to enrol under this category.

Dependents of NRI's studying in India are not defined as NRI/International students

Students must fulfill minimum eligibility requirements as laid down for their chosen program at UPES.

UPES must be satisfied that candidates applying for admission to undergraduate programs must have obtained higher secondary school certificate (with minimum percentage of marks as prescribed) and taken requisite courses necessary to meet the eligibility criteria for the Program of admission.

For admission to a postgraduate Program at UPES, the equivalence for the Undergraduate Degree earned by the candidate in his/her country shall be obtained from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). In certain cases, students may be requested to obtain the necessary certification from AIU in this regard.

It is recommended that students have the following:

  • School of Business : MBA programs: GMAT score of 600.
  • School of Engineering : Undergraduate programs: SAT score of 1500/Postgraduate programs: GRE Score of 1700 (cumulative).

Students from non-English speaking countries should satisfy UPES that they have adequate proficiency in English in order to be able to undertake the program of their choice. If required, an undertaking from such students shall be taken to undergo the English Language Training for a specific period of time (depending on the proficiency to be assessed by UPES on arrival) before starting the actual Program of admission. Qualifying TOEFL/IELTS or equivalent may not be mandatory but strongly advised.

Students must possess a valid passport and Visa for the duration of study.

You can apply on line in the prescribed format available at

An application fee of USD75 is applicable for international students. This can be paid on line by credit card. If you experience any difficulties, please request a manual application form from email

UPES will review the student's application and required supporting documents. If found eligible, UPES will issue a provisional offer of admission letter.

Note: UPES may also request an interview. If the applicant is outside India, this may be by phone or on line, the cost of which will be borne by the applicant.

Important note: At the time of final registration, all successful international applicants will be required to submit attested copies of the following documents:

  • 10th & 12th/Graduation grade card or equivalent
  • Official transcripts/transfer certificate from Institution last attended
  • Passport and student visa valid for duration of study at UPES.
  • PIO/OCI card is applicable in the case of foreign passport holders of Indian origin.

Computing Device :It is mandatory for each incoming student to be equipped with a tablet or laptop conforming to the minimum specifications of UPES details available on the UPES website

Visas :International students who wish to study in India must obtain a valid Student Visa before travelling to India.

Please make enquiries at the Indian Consulate/Embassy /High Commission in your country / country of application to ascertain the correct procedure for obtaining the necessary visa for the period of study of your program at UPES. Please also make enquiries regarding the length of time necessary to obtain the visa.


All international students are required by law to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) / local police authorities as per regulation of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. At present, this must be within 14 days of arrival in India but please check this information with your Consulate/Embassy/High Commission before departure as these rules are subject to change.

Students must comply with visa rules and registration requirements and keep abreast of any changes. Accordingly, students are responsible for ensuring that their visas are valid throughout the period of study at UPES and to maintain their registration with the FRRO/local police.>

Students can request assistance from UPES for preliminary registration formalities in Dehradun.

Programme One time Fees (payable with 1st year) 1st year 2017-18 2nd year 2018-19 3rd year 2019-20 4th year 2020-21 5th year 2021-22 6th year 2022-23 Total Fees
BBA 1,280 4,157 4,157 4,157       13,750
MBA 1,100 9,625 9,625         20,350
B.Tech 1,380 6,668 6,668 6,668 6,668     28,050
M.Tech / M.Plan 1,100 5,775 5,775         12,650
Law 1,450 4,440 4,440 4,440 4,440 4,440   23,650
B.Tech LLB 1,520 5,338 5,338 5,338 5,338 5,338 5,338 33,550
M. Des. 1,100 10,725 10,725         22.550

Note: Students of BBA Aviation Operations have to pay the applicable IATA course fee (approx. USD560/-) along with the annual fee 2016.

One time fees include:

Industrial Tour Charges

Mandatory short and long duration industrial tours provide first hand exposure to industry for all students of full time UPES programs.

Note: In the event that air travel is necessary, there may additional charges which the student will have to pay prior to commencement of the tour.

Alumni Fee

Personality Development Program Fee. To improve communication and soft skills, all students must attend the Personality Development Program organized by UPES.

Academic Computing Fees

Academic Computing fee includes maintenance of the hardware, providing licensed software's and internet bandwidth cost for the entire duration of the program. However it is mandatory for each incoming student to be equipped with a tablet or laptop conforming to the minimum specifications of UPES which will be detailed at the time of admission.

Refundable (interest free) Security Deposit:

After the successful completion of the registered program, the amount of USD320.

The above fee is also inclusive of the Tuition, Examination, Library and Academic Services fee.

Note: In the event of any taxes/ levies on fees by the Central/State/Local Authorities/Overseas Authorities from time to time, these will be borne by students.


  • Limited on-campus accommodation is available on a first come first serve basis with separate hostels for boys and girls.
  • Hostel accommodation is full board and includes meals.
  • All accommodation is on a triple sharing basis
  • Fees quoted are for academic year 2017-18
Boys Hostel:
Room on triple sharing basis with common wash rooms USD 1750
Girls Hostel:

Three categories of rooms are available in the girls hostel at the Kandholi campus,
(home to the College of Management and Economics Studies) as follows:

Room on triple sharing basis with common wash rooms USD 1750
Room on triple sharing basis with attached wash room USD 2095
Room on triple sharing basis with attached wash-room & air conditioning USD 2360

A refundable security deposit of USD160 is payable on reservation of hostel accommodation

Note: Students who have confirmed on campus hostel accommodation must provide a copy of a current medical certificate at the time of payment of fees. The original should be produced at time of registration on campus.

A student registered in the on campus hostel accommodation who withdraws at any point of time during the academic year will not be entitled to hostel fee refund. In the event that his vacant accommodation is allocated to another student, proportionate refund may be considered.




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