Amit Garg

Amit Garg

Managing director / k-ride

As the Managing Director, He is heading the JV corporation K-RIDE for implementing the Rs. 20000 Cr. Bangalore Sub-Urban Railway Project (BSRP), is a metro-like project, that is 150km long. After piloting the DPR and getting formal sanctions for this mega-infra project through the entire process of government approval, we are nearing the financial closure of funding from the French and German development banks for Rs. 8000 cr. The physical execution of work for BSRP, along with the railway doubling projects assigned to K-RIDE, has started.

Academics: He has 2 Master's degrees in Engineering, the second in High-Speed Railways from USA (CGPA 3.9/4). He also studied at Harvard University for a certificate course in Corporate Governance.

Early Career: Selected in NDA 81, Army 86, Civil Services Exams 87 and 88, IFoS 87 and IES 87.

Early Career: Selected in NDA 81, Army 86, Civil Services Exams 87 and 88, IFoS 87 and IES 87. Mid Career: Awarded the “National award for Outstanding Service”, the highest recognition in the Ministry of Railways. Nominated for the Hubert Humphrey Scholarship by USIEF in 2014 but was unable to attend due to inter-government funding issues.

Research and International Experience: Recipient of a fellowship in USA for MS in High-Speed Rail which included extensive research on advanced track structure. As the nominee of the Government of India, He attended the Commonwealth Conference on PPP in Australia, the “Advanced Civil Engineering” program in Japan and “Sustainable Development” in Sweden and China.

As Executive Director/Environment in the Ministry of Railways in 2017, I authored the “GCC for service Contracts” for MoR, which is the backbone of all contracts for Services in MoR.

As CPM/RVNL, Chief Engineer/MoR and GM/Metro, I have worked extensively in planning, executing and commissioning many rail infrastructure projects, mega rail terminals and large bridges and elevated structures in Metro.