Ashwani Khanna

Ashwani Khanna

Executive Director, AeroTech Support Services Pvt.Ltd.

Ashwani Khanna is a subject matter expert with almost 30 years of work experience in diverse fields of Aviation ranging from aircraft manufacturing & maintenance to passenger service delivery. Certified as a lead auditor for various ISO compliances that includes: Quality Management System (ISO9001), Safety Management System (ISO 45001), Green House Gas Emissions (ISO 14064) and Certified Aerospace Auditor (AS9100D). Dr Khanna is also certified by ICAO on CORSIA verification and validation.

Dr Khanna had been awarded a PhD in Aviation Management and has published numerous articles, and case studies in various national and international journals. Dr Khanna presented papers on sustainable energy and environment sensing at the University of Cambridge.

Currently Managing Director at KSU Aviation Pvt. Ltd., he is instrumental in introducing TaxiBot Services as alternate taxing solutions to Indian Aviation. His deep understanding of aviation operational procedures and a vision to introduce future technologies in the aviation sector aimed at reducing carbon footprint had led to TaxiBot Operations running successfully in India. The operations had earned some accolades like “World’s First Boeing and Airbus Passenger Aircraft performing TaxiBot Operations in India”.

In his previous roles with Airlines and Airport operators, he had been instrumental in introducing systems and procedures aimed at enhancing service delivery and reducing costs.

Before joining KSU he was vice president of operations for GMR Delhi Airport.

Dr Khanna was also a steering committee member of IATA’s Aircraft Recovery Task Force (ARTF), the task force that oversees aircraft recoveries and safe handling of accidents & incidents. Dr Khanna was awarded a certificate from IATA for “Promoting Aircraft Recovery in India”. Has successfully completed Aerodrome Operations training from the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom.