Irfan Khan

Irfan Khan

Founder Hypermine

With more than a decade’s experience in working with 30+ governments and Telecom Regulatory Authorities across the globe to build security and data exchange infrastructures. From Network Security to Smart Passports, Irfan has been in the security industry for a while.

Irfan is a security professional and has worked in the identity industry for 10 years with companies like Thales, Cisco, and even Citrix, his last corporate role was Regional Manager for the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

In 2016, he gave up his corporate career to pursue his passions and founded Hypermine - a Blockchain company that is dedicated to bringing world-class cryptographic security products at a very affordable price point in order to secure the world's data.

He is also the founder of Hosh.Store - the world’s first online store focused on sustainable, conscious and (almost) carbon-negative shopping, whilst supporting indigenous industry and small businesses.

He is also a Partner in Genevra Associates - A new age Hedge Fund that is looking to democratise and revolutionise the way people invest, whilst ensuring that the distribution of wealth is fair and sustainable.