Nawtej Dosanjh

Nawtej Dosanjh

President and CEO of MirraU, a start-up university in Florida, USA

Nawtej Dosanjh is a strategist in delivering international academic impact, scaling education program design, and transforming to digital education technology.

He is the President and CEO of MirraU, a start-up university in Florida, USA, whose purpose is to provide education in healthcare management through next generation technologies. His other roles included, being the co-founder of Unities, a digital economy think tank in the UK, supported by University of Exeter. He is a senior research fellow and advisory board member at Emory and Henry School of Business in Virginia, USA.

He has provided innovative academic leadership at several business schools and universities in many countries including the USA and Europe. This includes achieving degree awarding powers at more than one institution, through process innovation, rapidly merging the academic operations of two institutions, or the design of an innovative suite of master’s programs. Nawtej led the rapid turn-around of PR and stakeholder sentiment at a business school, as well significant process and program innovation, which was the crucial element to achieving the gold standard triple-accreditation for that institution.

He has also led the design and implementation of emerging technology content in business curricula and in liberal arts programs. His research and interests include transformation and leadership in higher education, and in providing affordable high-quality education to those in emerging countries. He has taught masters students around the world and continues to teach in the US, the UK, Italy, and Rwanda.