Ninian Peckitt

Ninian Peckitt

Retired, Maxillofacial surgeon

Introduced Computer Planning, Photomorphanalysis, CAD CAM technology and the reverse engineering of customised implants in Facial Reconstructive Surgery (1999).

Working closely in a team with talented Engineers, he developed Colour Stereolithography for 3-D tumour mapping, with customised cutting and positioning jigs for unprecedented accuracy and translation of a 3-D Plan into a 3-D patient.

He was an advocate of additive manufacturing technology and succeeded in converting 12+hr major surgical operations into <2 hr day cases.

He is a recognised International Authority on Engineering Assisted Surgery and lectured regularly internationally in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australasia as a Keynote Speaker, by invitation.

Engineering Assisted Surgery has featured in the Press and Media, in several TV Documentaries, and has been globally networked.

It is now accepted in mainstream clinical practice and has made a major contribution to Clinical Practice and enhanced outcome.