Somnath Banerjee

Somnath Banerjee

Reliability Manager, Halliburton

I am working for Halliburton at Norway and have worked in the same company for more than 30 years in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry globally.

His professional qualification is B.E.(Hons) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BITS, Pilani) but over the span of my international oil field career, spanning several countries, have learnt bits and pieces from almost every other engineering discipline. My expertise remains with Wireline and Formation Evaluation domain and in my company, I have worked on Special Projects, Investigations, Technical Training, Workforce selection and development globally.

Recently due to Covid crisis, there has been accelerated focus on Remote Operations, and I have been developing hardware and processes for Implementation of the same at Norway offshore right from Monitoring, to Controlling, to Collaborating to Automating using latest technologies.

I spent almost 2 years at UPES (as Industry Fellow) teaching variety of Upstream courses related to Petroleum Engineering. I was also Faculty Advisor for UPES SPE SC in 2017-2018. I was also pursuing my PhD at UPES but had to give it up in 2018, when my previous company called me back to help them with Startup in Norway. During my time at UPES, I learnt about Academic processes, NBA, PhD, but teaching younger generation was most satisfying. Many of my past students at UPES are still in touch with me either directly thru Whatsapp or thru LinkedIn

I am honored to be part of the Advisory Board of School of Engineering