Subir Hazra

Subir Hazra

Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer, GMR Services, GMR Group

Subir Hazra, an Alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur, a conferee of the highly acclaimed British Council Chevening Gurukul scholarship program for Leadership and Excellence by the London School of Economics and Political Science, is known in the industry as a livewire and execution leader and building businesses and adept at putting business drivers/enablers sharply on focus, international business operations, thought leadership, Commercial & strategic analyses, budgeting, knowledge management, quality assurance, process improvement, financial viability analysis, evaluation of the new business, and acquisition opportunities, marketing & sales, International Trading, business integration & innovation, to name a few.

In his resplendent career spanning over 30+ years, he has obtained multivariate and well-rounded holistic work experience by working in Aviation Industry and driving business growth, transforming business by focusing on putting in place Business fundamentals, creating solid manufacturing industry practices by working in Steel Works Plant Maintenance and supply chain management function, End to end Mineral business with a focus on execution level leadership with improvement orientation and analytical skills.

Some of his breakthrough achievements are as follows,

  • Transforming Delhi Airport from project management phase to asset management phase, profitably with strong commercial and business acumen; putting in place business drivers and enablers; bringing in customer-centricity across the organization, bringing performance-driven culture; opening up innovative and creative revenue streams (non-regulated).
  • Comprehensive Strategy Formulation Model at Airports based on Collaborative approach and a key focus on PESTLE Analysis, Innovation and Technology, Investor & Stakeholder inputs, Benchmarking & Competitive analysis, Blind Spotting & Core Competency inputs.
  • Strategy Deployment through PDM methodology and Functional Strategy deployment, Resource-based AOP planning, by co-creation of strategy.
  • Organizational Development & Business integration initiatives like – Deployment of Business Excellence Model (MBNQA), Business Continuity Planning, ERM, Zero Tolerance, Bottom Line Improvement Plan (BLIP) and Sustainability Reporting.
  • Carried out Economic Impact analysis report of Delhi Airport with the help of reputed agency NCAER which is a one of its kind and tremendously helped the organization for policy advocacy.
  • In July 2020, set up an RTPCR lab in IGIA to make it the first Airport in the world to have an RTPCR lab in the Airport to tide over the Covid situation in the aviation Industry.