Global Opportunities For Lifelong Learning


In today’s competitive world, global exposure is extremely important as it allows students to know about diverse perspectives, effectively communicate and collaborate across cultures and countries, and use disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge in the long run. Global learning involves a better understanding of the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental influences that helps shape a student’s life in the future.

With a primary focus on life-long learning, placements, and knowledge beyond classrooms, UPES believes in giving its students global exposure and an edge over other students.

We understand the importance of placements in today’s world and thereby support you in every possible way. Thus, UPES assures placements to all its undergraduate students. In case students don’t get placed, we will give you the option to pursue a post-graduate program with 100% fee waiver, at any of our global academic partner institutions like London College of Creative Media, Toronto School of Management, Webster University, GISMA Business School, University of Law, University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Business & Innovation, and many more, in U.K., Germany, United States of America, Canada, Singapore or Ireland.

We have also partnered with some leading institutions in over 6 countries to provide our students with global expertise. Also, UPES gives its students an opportunity to pursue post-graduate programs in over 22 UPES global academic partner institutions in the above-mentioned countries. For this, students will get a 50% fee waiver on postgraduate programs.

Another exciting added advantage is that all UPES students enrolling 2019 onwards can study overseas for 4 weeks in our global academic partner institutions, without any additional tuition fee. This course is designed to meet the needs of future global professionals by equipping them with essential technical and soft skills. Moreover, the course emphasizes professional development, leadership development, digital transformation and creative thinking.

In today’s evolving world, it is extremely important to upgrade your skills and stand out in the crowd. Apart from your specialised courses, pursuing some in-demand online courses can be of great help. UPES understands the importance of these courses and helps students enhance their skillset and employability. At UPES, students can pursue online courses from leading companies like AWS, Tableau, IBM and Alibaba.

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