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  • Published 22/02/2024
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Exploring Digital Twins in Healthcare



The industrial tour of the Aerospace & Avionics Engineering students to Hyderabad from April 11 to 15 was an incredible experience for all students UPES students embarked on a trip organised by the Aerospace Engineering department – led by faculty members Dr. Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi, Dr. Om Prakash, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, and Dr. Geetanjali Raghav – to gain hands-on knowledge of the principles they had learnt in class. The tour included stops at several aerospace firms and research facilities in Hyderabad. The first day of the visit began with a visit to the Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC). The NRSC is in charge of supplying satellite data to various organisations and institutes in India and throughout the world. The students were given a tour of the centre’s activities and facilities, as well as an explanation of the remote sensing technology used to collect and interpret satellite data. The students had the opportunity to meet with the scientists and engineers at NRSC and learn about the applications of remote sensing technology in many sectors. The second day of the programme included a stop at Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL). BDL is a public sector undertaking of the Government of India’s Ministry of Defence. The corporation primarily manufactures guided missile systems and related defence equipment. The pupils were shown around the manufacturing plant and they experienced the various phases of missile development. The students also had the opportunity to meet with BDL engineers and learn about the issues they confront during the manufacturing process.

Exploring Digital Twins in Healthcare

On the third day, the students went to Skyroot Aerospace, a Hyderabad-based business that creates rocket propulsion systems for tiny satellites. The students were given a presentation on the company’s numerous projects as well as its future plans. They were also given a tour of the manufacturing plant and had the opportunity to see the rocket engine manufacturing process. The students met with Skyroot Aerospace engineers and scientists, learning about the company’s work culture and approach to innovation.

Exploring Digital Twins in Healthcare

he tour was not just limited to industrial visits. The students also got a chance to explore the city of Hyderabad and its rich cultural heritage. The students went to several historical sites, including the Charminar. The students also sampled the city’s food, including the famed Hyderabadi biryani. The Aerospace Engineering students gained valuable knowledge during the industrial tour. They were able to see the actual application of the principles they learnt in class. The visit also gave them an understanding of how the aerospace business works and the issues it encounters. The visit taught the kids the value of innovation and how it propels the industry ahead. The students also had the opportunity to connect with industry engineers and scientists and learn from their experiences.

Overall, it was a wonderful learning opportunity for them. It impressed upon them the importance of innovation to thrive in the fast-evolving digital world.

(The writer is a student, B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering, 2020-24)

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