10 great things about going to a university

  • UPES Editorial Team
  • Published 16/06/2021
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Going to university can be a very exciting opportunity, especially if you’re going to the one away from your hometown. Studying at an institution like UPES, involves multiple unique growth opportunities that would mould you for life. Participating in the multitude of group activities, clubs, multiple classes, festivals and more can be quite an enriching experience

While you’re all set to enjoy the blissful, carefree college days, there is always an element of doubt about which university to apply to, and whether you’re making the right choice for your future. Here’s looking at why going to university changes your perspective and moulds your future:

In-depth knowledge – studying what you enjoy

Unlike school, at university, you get to deep dive into your chosen areas of interest. It will give you an understanding of the different and broader facets of the subject and help you identify your career goals. With industry experts co-teaching and co-developing curricula and global scholars on the faculty board, UPES provides students with the opportunity to explore their niche and become world-class leaders in their chosen fields.

New friends for life

Wherever you go, you are always going to meet new people, but at university, this will happen on a larger scale. From coursemates to roommates and a lot of diverse people around the campus, you will make friends for life, some you’ll end up calling family and even some that will change your thought process completely. With diversity and inclusion at the heart of UPES, you will always find people from different cultures and countries, ready to exchange information, learn and teach you about their customs, language and a lot more.

Indulge in extracurricular activities – find your niche!

Be it a new activity or a new stream of courses, university is the place where you can experiment and try your hands at multiple things. With a multidisciplinary learning approach, UPES encourages students to diversify their talent, find a balance between technical and non-technical skills, and explore their capabilities. UPES also houses a wide range of clubs, ranging from astronomy, performing arts to health and wellness, sports and adventure.

Global opportunities – from UPES to the world 

Besides finding your niche, there are a plethora of opportunities to study with partner international universities and become part of a global movement. UPES, with globally-acclaimed faculty and international internships gives students a global edge and helps them become better industry-ready professionals. 

Career support 

From career advice and guidance to getting placed with the organization of your choice, universities offer it all, helping you reach your career goals at the earliest. UPES, with a multitude of industry alliances and tie-ups, and a 5-year placement assistance, ensures that no student gets left behind from realising his/her dream career and becoming a leader.

Learning from research and experts

As part of many courses, you will be compelled to undertake your own research and if your course involves a dissertation or complex problem-solving capabilities, you will get the opportunity to delve deeper into your areas of interest. UPES fosters a culture of research and innovation, and houses industry experts to give students an opportunity to discover their innate talents and become industry-ready professionals.

Experiential Learning – live and learn

A number of universities are opting for a blend of practical and classroom learning. This not only helps you learn better, it also gives you a hands-on approach and prepares you for the world. With state-of-the-art labs, world-class facilities, moot courts and more, UPES is preparing students for life by taking a practical approach to learning.

Life Skills @ The School for Life

The most important part about this new-found independence is learning important life skills. Be it discipline and time management, or household chores, living at university teaches you a lot more, besides your course. The UPES School for Life helps students become future-ready by strengthening their abilities and independent thinking, learning skills for success and becoming global leaders.

Alumni network – hear it from the seniors!

One of the greatest things about university is not just the people you connect with as your coursemates and roommates, but also the alumni. Alumni associations act as a bridge between alumni and their alma mater. All over the world, such associations are popular, and students and alumni alike take a keen interest in being a part of them. UPES, too, has launched UConnect, a unique initiative with exclusive offerings for the alumni and a great platform to stay in touch with people.

Non-academic support

Universities offer a world of services beyond education. When you enrol at a college, they take responsibility for your wellbeing and safety. The importance of this has become even more paramount during the pandemic. With numerous #UPESCares initiatives for mental wellbeing, medical assistance, physical fitness and more, UPES has risen above and beyond to provide the students, faculty, staff and their families with all the help available.

These are just some of the many benefits of going to university. Going to a university can be a life-transforming experience and there’s no reason students shouldn’t pick the one that suits their interests best. Nestled in the hills, amidst nature, UPES Dehradun is a balance of old-world charm and modernity. To know about the university, visit: www.upes.ac.in.

UPES Editorial Team

Written by the UPES Editorial Team

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